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Proven Tips to Select The Best Home Warranty Company

November 11, 2022

The home warranty market is already overflooded with so many well-known companies, with new ones popping up frequently. Potential buyers often find it overwhelming to choose the right home warranty company. Therefore, we have come up with a proper guide to selecting the perfect home warranty company that suits both your requirements and budget.


In this article, we have curated important factors that you should consider when planning to purchase a home warranty plan.


Figure out your exact requirements:


Make a list of critical home appliances and items that you want to cover under your home warranty plan. To begin with, check if your home has aged items that are more likely to wear down due to regular usage. Also, don’t forget to check the condition of your systems like plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc.


Do the research:


Make a list of home warranty companies that meet both your needs and budget. Know more about their prices, plans, and service qualities. You can also check the online reviews and ratings.


Ask for recommendations:


Ask for recommendations from your friends, colleagues, relatives, and family if they have used any home warranty company before. Their experience may help you to find the right company. You should only select companies that provide services in your area.


4. Get a free quote:


Once you have shortlisted the companies, it’s time to get free quotes from them. The free quotes can give you an idea if they cost within your budget. You can easily get a free quote by submitting your email id and pin code on a company's website.




Well, the cost varies from company to company. The basic home warranty plans range from $300 to $600. The comprehensive plans that cover most of the home appliances and systems range between $400 to $800. You can also purchase add-on coverage for items like pools, spas, and septic tanks by paying an extra amount. the deductible amount can range from $60 to $120 and you have to pay it each time a repair professional visits your home.


Repair service quality:


Some companies offer labor guarantees for a specific period, while others may offer yearly or lifetime guarantees on some particular parts. You should know it before purchasing a plan from any company.


Claim fulfillment:


Most home warranty companies impose a waiting period of 30-day and after that, you can start making claims. Most companies assign one of their registered repair professionals after making the claim. If you have an emergency, the home warranty should be able to assign a repair professional within 24 hours of making the claim.


Customer quality:


The home warranty company should be able to offer 24*7*365 customer support service to their customers. Make sure that the company that you are going to select provides such type of customer service. Check online reviews to see how prompt customer service the company provides.




The company that you are interested in, should have a network of licensed and skilled experts in your area.


Finally, read the contract:


A lot of people often overlook the terms and conditions and later, they face the consequence. Take your time and read the home warranty contract very carefully and know all the inclusions and exclusions.

Now that you know about the factors that you should consider before purchasing a home warranty plan, it’s time to make the best investment for your home. If you want to know more about ServicePlus Home Warranty, click here.