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Home Warranty Plan For New Homeowners

August 8, 2022

Congratulations on your huge purchase! New homeowners have their plates pretty full. Securing a property is just a process. What lies next is a daunting and uphill battle. You need to hunt for the right furnishing, appliances to make the space functional, and a lot more. Starting with a to-do list is a good idea. Plan before you take the leap. Also, never miss thinking and learning about a home warranty contract. Little do you realize that having hands on the right protection plan can keep you free from stress. 


Stressing over what products to buy and set up in your new home is insignificant. Can you possibly plan ways to cope with sudden breakdowns and mechanical disasters? Firstly, the expenses are overwhelming. And second, the trouble of getting a broken appliance fixed is real. Having a home warranty policy in place ensures that you can cross out your worries off the list. 


Questions you must contemplate on: 


Why do I need a home warranty plan?


A good home warranty plan works as a safety net for your finances. If you like having control over your budget and keeping a check on your expenses, a warranty plan is a good idea. 


Unplanned costs of repair can put you in a tough spot, particularly if you are on a slippery slope, in terms of budget. A home warranty provider covers the unforeseen costs of repair and hooks you up with proficient technicians. When you sign up for a home warranty plan, you are also signing up for peace of mind. 


Must I apply for a home warranty if I have a valid manufacturer’s warranty on a product? 


Opting for a ServicePlus home warranty doesn’t make an existing manufacturer’s warranty null and void. Most product warranties are valid for a year or so. What if you experience troubles with an appliance after a few years? Of course, the product warranty is ineffective by then. 


Investing in a home warranty is a smart decision. You don’t have to worry about the swanky costs of repair. A protection plan covers the charges of repair. Doesn’t matter if you have chosen to put your money into an extended product warranty or not. A home warranty company has got your appliances safeguarded anyway. 


Isn’t my home insurance supposed to keep all appliances protected? 


Yes, it is! However, home insurance comes of use when appliances or major household systems conk out due to the disastrous effects of natural calamities, robbery, or a catastrophic fire outbreak. No homeowner’s insurance pays for worn-out home systems. 


What should I do, if something goes wrong with my home system? 


Making a claim against a home warranty service is easier than thought. If faults in appliances start popping up, call up the toll-free number of the warranty provider. Report the issue and that’s pretty much all! 


Technicians are sent over to inspect and restore the problem. You may or may not be billed for a small service fee, depending on the plan you have invested in. Rest, all works of repair are taken care of by the warranty provider.