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What to know before signing up for a ServicePlus warranty contract?

July 29, 2021

Are you ready to sign up for a ServicePlus warranty contract? Great decision! Three out of ten homeowners think hard and use their smarts to secure a big purchase. Investing in property is a huge deal. But, what good is it if you are ignorant about ways to safeguard your investment? A home protect warranty contract is your best bet.

Popularity of home warranties is scaling up among homeowners. Companies are coming up with various protection plans and home warranties. It is easy to be tricked into buying a home warranty simply because it promises you a world of wonders. Cheap does sound luring but it is advisable to weigh the coverage options before you sign up for a home warranty plan.

If you are new to the concept of home warranties, learning about a few pointers might be handy. Know what things to consider before signing a home warranty contract.

1. What does a service agreement cover?

Signing an agreement without reading it is an irresponsible thing to do. Grab a good look at the agreement provided by the home warranty company. It clearly spills details like which appliances and home systems are covered by the plan, and under what conditions.

Don’t settle for a home warranty only because it is less pricey, compared to other plans. The idea is to safeguard your investment and not strain your finances any further. Without the best coverage on a wide variety of appliances and systems, a home warranty is no good. Doesn’t matter if you have bought a striking new property. The heating system could crash without any warning. Plumbing issues are terrible too. Get any of these systems repaired is going to cost you a big chunk of money. A comprehensive home warranty contract can save you from a financial setback.

2. The limits of a warranty plan, its inclusions, and exclusions

Making an abrupt decision to say yes to a home warranty plan can cost you big time. Companies exhibit limits on coverage. Not knowing the details of your coverage limits can throw you in hot waters. ‘Limits and exclusions’ work like a wiggle room for companies. Most people don’t pay much heed to what’s excluded on coverage. They instead focus on what a home warranty plan includes. When you are aware of how a home warranty plan works and what limitations are imposed by companies upfront, you can make an informed decision.

3. How professional and prompt is the customer service support?

Staying on hold or waiting for company professionals to revert to your concern when a home system stops working is annoying. Machines can break down at any given hour. You must always choose a company that ensures prompt response and even quicker service, 24*7.

4. Assistance by licensed and skilled technicians only

Picking out a trustworthy home warranty company is not child’s play. Benefits of service are realized only when professional and skilled technicians wrap up the repair job well. A technician lacking in skills will only cause more damage than good.

When you pay for a home protect warranty contract, seasoned professionals are available to you for assistance.

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