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Uncommon Items that Are Covered by Home Warranty Companies

August 30, 2022

Home warranty companies have become highly popular among homeowners and property sellers. Are you familiar with the crucial advantages of a home warranty plan? A home warranty plan offers some excellent coverages for your home appliances and systems. It’s no surprise that if a plumbing system breaks down, it’s your home warranty company covers the expenses of repairing the broken components. So, it’s time to know about the things that are included in a home warranty that you still don’t know yet.

Investing your money in a home warranty company helps you in keeping all the critical appliances and systems of your home in the best shape possible. However, when it comes to keeping your expensive home appliances and systems protected, it’s important to know what’s included in your home warranty plan. Take time and read this article before purchasing a plan from a home warranty company.

Uncommon home items that are covered by your home warranty plan-

Little did you know the fact that something as simple as a ceiling fan could cost you a lot if it starts malfunctioning. Wondering if your home warranty company might not cover the repairing of your ceiling fan? Doing a little research before buying the plan could help you know if the plan covers the ceiling fan. There are multiple home warranty companies that offer plans covering ceiling fans.

Automatic garage door opener:

The automatic garage door opener is an inevitable part of your house as it keeps your car(s) protected. A malfunctioning or broken garage door can leave your vehicle open and unprotected. Furthermore, repairing an automatic garage door is an expensive job. Fortunately, the majority of the home warranty companies offer add-on plans that cover the repairing or replacement costs of your broken automatic garage door. Usually, such plans come with an additional cost and they are often known as Add-On plans.

Leaking roofs and flooded basements:

Generally, home warranty companies don’t provide coverage for structural damages. Repairing roof leakages require professional help. Wondering if roof leakages are covered by the standard home warranty plans? Standard home warranty plans don’t cover roof leakages but just like the automatic garage door, an add-on plan covers the repairing costs of roof leakage.  

Swimming pools and hot tubs at home:

Frequent temperature ups and downs, added chemicals and other adverse features can leave negative impacts on your swimming pool and hot tub. Are you ready to pay the pool repair costs out of pocket? Of course not! ServicePlus Home Warranty offers a plan that covers your swimming pool and hot tubs.

Before purchasing a home warranty plan, list down the items that you want to cover and then choose a plan that best fits your requirements. It’s always a better idea to ask for a demo contract from your home warranty company so that you can know exactly what items the plan covers and doesn’t.

If you are looking forward to buying an excellent home warranty plan at the most competitive price, you are in the right place as ServicePlus Home Warranty offers the best-in-class plans at the most lucrative price.