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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Home Warranty Plan

May 12, 2023

Many homeowners often question the value of investing in home warranty plans. The initial query that arises is whether they truly need one for their household belongings. Are you on them? Well, the answer to this question is a resounding yes, supported by several compelling reasons. In this article, we are going to talk about the vital reasons why you need to have a home warranty plan.


Unexpected Breakdowns-


Whether you're moving into a newly constructed home or settling into an older property, appliances and systems can malfunction or stop working at any time. It's an inevitable reality. Perhaps you believe that a newly purchased refrigerator won't encounter any issues or that a brand-new HVAC system will serve you flawlessly for decades. While it's fortunate if these appliances function without a hitch, it's important to consider the odds and be prepared. Even though the risk of appliances breaking down is lower when they are new, it never fully disappears. Mechanical components can unexpectedly fail, and you might not be financially prepared to cover the repair expenses. The cost can range from reasonable to exorbitant, depending on the severity of the appliance's fault. One of the primary benefits of home warranty plans is the peace of mind they provide by protecting you from unforeseen damages. While your appliances may not malfunction today, all home systems will wear out over time. Dealing with one malfunction after another can be financially draining. Home warranty plans offer affordable repair solutions, saving you from the burden of expensive appliance repairs.


Insurance Doesn't Cover Wear and Tear


If you've been relying on home insurance to cover the cost of repairing broken appliances, there's a catch. Home insurance only applies when appliances or home systems fail due to natural disasters, theft, or fire. Unfortunately, insurance doesn't cover appliances that break down as a result of age and normal wear and tear. This is where home warranty plans come into play – they cover the expenses of repairing or replacing appliances that malfunction due to frequent use.


The cost of Living is Expensive


Purchasing a new home is a significant investment that can strain your finances, especially due to mortgage payments. However, daily expenses such as groceries and utility bills cannot be overlooked. Your house isn't the only asset you have; you might also be dealing with debts, loans, or hefty car loan EMIs. In summary, the list of expenses can feel never-ending. However, when a home appliance malfunctions, neglecting essential repairs is not a feasible choice. Is it worth depleting your already tight budget? It's no secret that repairs and replacements can be expensive. Do you have room in your monthly budget to purchase a new refrigerator because the old one stopped working? Instead of facing such financial challenges, home warranty plans provide an affordable solution. By investing a small amount in a home warranty plan, you can safeguard your savings.


Home Warranty Plans Ensure Budget-Friendly Solutions


Maintaining a strict budget is crucial for new homeowners, especially considering the financial strain of mortgage payments. If your air conditioning system breaks down during a scorching summer, are you willing to shop for a new appliance or search for repair services? Do you believe that browsing through the Yellow Pages will assist you in finding trustworthy technicians? Relying on inexperienced technicians to inspect and repair your malfunctioning appliances can result in additional damages. Although this is not always the scenario, the risks involved are undeniably significant.. During such stressful times, home warranty plans come to your rescue. Companies offering home warranty plans provide prompt assistance and have a wide network of experienced professionals who can quickly diagnose and repair critical issues. In a nutshell, with home warranty benefits, you can enjoy fast and effective services without spending a penny.


Increase in Property Value


Have you listed your beautifully decorated and meticulously maintained house for sale? Perhaps you are unaware that the condition of your appliances and home systems can have a negative impact on your home's value. Put yourself in the buyer's shoes and consider: would you purchase a property that comes with a collection of faulty appliances and malfunctioning home systems? Unless the property is extremely affordable or too good of a deal to pass up, most buyers wouldn't be willing to invest a fortune in such a house. The costs of repairing these outdated mechanical systems can significantly strain your finances.


There's no denying that maintaining the appliances in top shape is a crucial priority. Are you concerned that the expenses might leave a significant dent in your wallet? It would be wise to invest your funds in comprehensive home warranty plans instead. By doing so, you can avoid the expenses of refurbishing old appliances and bringing them back to working condition. Embrace the benefits of home warranty plans and keep your savings intact.


Home warranty plans come at a much lower cost compared to the potential expenses of covering repair bills. However, it is important to choose the right coverage and a reputable company. ServicePlus Home Warranty offers multiple home warranty plans with a range of coverage options. Begin by creating a list of the appliances and mechanical systems installed in your house, and then make an informed decision on which plan suits your needs.