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Tips to Take Care of Your Garage Door

March 13, 2023

Your garage door is the most significant moving component of your home. You use your garage door multiple times a day in every session. To keep your garage door smoothly running and in operational condition, it’s essential to take proper care of it. Here are the crucial tips that you should follow to keep your garage door well-running.


Observe it:

When you use the garage door, don’t forget to observe it. Is it running smoothly or jerky in places? Does it run silently or make grinding or scraping noises? Check if both sides of the garage door look symmetrical.


Tighten up the hardware:

A garage door moves up and down more than a thousand times yearly. This much movement can loosen up the hardware over time. Use a socket wrench and tighten up the bolts and brackets.


Test the balance:

Make sure your garage door is balanced correctly or else your garage door will have to work harder and it won’t go smoothly longer. After disconnecting the opener by pulling the release handle and moving the door halfway up, the counterweight system is imbalanced if it doesn’t fit. In that case, you should take professional help.


Check and replace the rollers:

The rollers, whether steel or nylon should be checked twice a year, and you should replace them every seven years. You should check it frequently if you use the garage door many times a day.

If you find the rollers cracked or chipped, replace them as soon as possible. You can easily do it by removing and reinstalling the roller brackets that are not directly attached to the cable system.


Lubricate the moving parts:

I'd like you to make a habit of greasing the garage door parts as it will serve the system well for a long time. It is always better to use lithium grease than other types and buy a spray lubricant from a garage door specialist to coat the overhead springs.


Check the cables:

It would be best never to take the high-tension cables that lift your garage door because they are dangerous. Instead, you can check the condition to know when to hire a professional repair executive.

The garage door is a very crucial component in your regular life and it is always better to cover it under a home warranty plan. At ServicePlus Home Warranty, we have plans for your garage door and if anything goes wrong with your garage door, we will repair or replace the faulty part free of cost.