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Time to Know About Critical Home Appliances

January 9, 2023

In our regular lives, we heavily depend on some crucial home appliances. As working from home has become a new normal due to the pandemic, the usage of home appliances has increased exponentially and become a critical part of our lives. During this time, some home appliances need special care. Some of your home appliances are really expensive and you invested a lot of energy and money in purchasing those appliances, so naturally, you expect these appliances to run smoothly for at least a few years.

One of the simplest ways to increase the life expectancy of your crucial home appliances is to take proper care and maintenance. 

1. Television:

The entertainment quotient of your room is incomplete with TV. You may experience issues with the increased usage of TV. Repairing TV can be an expensive affair. Most brands offer warranties for 1-2 years but after that, it’s your responsibility to maintain or repair your TV. To avoid such situations, you should always clean your TV with a soft cloth and adjust the volume and brightness level. If there’s a persisting issue, you should call a professional service.

2. RO Water Purifier:

RO water purifier ensures clean and safe water so that pathogens don’t enter our bodies. When it comes to maintaining your RO water purifier, you cannot afford to be careless. You should always replace the filters from time to time. You can call for routine professional RO maintenance service. Our home warranty plans cover your RO; if anything goes wrong with your RO, we will repair or replace your RO free of cost. 

3. Fridge: 

The refrigerator is one of the most critical appliances for a home. It keeps your foods fresh and prevents them from spoiling. Make sure you maintain the proper room temperature and shut the door properly. Avoid putting hot food directly inside the refrigerator. Some common problems with a refrigerator are reduced cooling, water leakage and frosting. It is always better to cover your refrigerator under ServicePlus home warranty. 

4. Washing Machine: 

A washing machine is also an important appliance for your home. These days, with busy schedules no one has time to wash their clothes traditionally and this is where a washing machine comes as a savior. Some of the common problems associated with a washing machine are excessive noises, vibrations, faulty motor, etc.

As you might have realized that if any of these appliances mentioned above wears down due to regular usage, our home warranty plan can get repaired and replaced as soon as possible. If you are looking forward to purchasing the best home warranty plan at the best price, click here! 

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