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Things that You Should Check Before Purchasing An Older Home

December 7, 2022

Buying an old home can bring a lot of charm and a unique vibe to your life. But, problems can be lurking behind every corner of the walls. It's true that buying an old home costs lesser than a new home but in the long run, you might have to spend more money. In this article, we are going to discuss the issues that you may face after purchasing an old home-

Mold and asbestos:

A lot of old homes have mold issues, specifically asbestos. Before purchasing an old home, you should check if the house has any issues like mold or any other infestation. While mold issues are easier to deal with than dreaded asbestos as they are costly to repair. Dealing with asbestos can be carcinogenic. You should take professional help to take care of your asbestos issues, any infected area should be carefully sealed off.

Water damage:

Molds are the key reason behind any potential water damage. They can also cause poor insulation and ventilation. Check your windows, door frames, and bathroom to see if you find any moisture. For windows, you should check both the inside and outside and ensure that they have been protected properly.

Home appliances and systems:

Old homes have age-old home appliances and systems. Older appliances and systems are there more likely to break down or start malfunctioning due to regular usage. Repairing a critical appliance or system could be a hectic and costly affair. These breakdowns are very unpredictable and they can cause a hole in your pocket. This is exactly where a home warranty plan can be your best solution as they cover the repairing or replacement charge of your critical home appliances and systems.

Lead paint:

A majority of old homes come with lead paint. They were built at the time when lead paint was an industry standard but in America, lead paint was restricted in 1978. If a home has lead paint then you should be cautious as it can cause neurological problems in children. It is always better to take professional help to remove the lead paint and it's a lengthy process. Using a chemical peeler would be an ideal way to remove lead paint.

Old electrical wiring:

The old design standard of electric wiring is another critical problem with any older homes. Usually, old homes have fewer electric outlets, so you might need to add more circuits to make your home livable.

Additionally, out-of-date electric circuits may not be able to handle your modern appliances.  In that case, purchasing a home warranty plan after moving into your home would be the right solution as they provide coverage for your electric system. In case, if your electric system wears down, your home warranty company would either repair or replace it.


Cracks in walls or floors can be a critical issue in your older home as they can cause water leakage or foundation issues. Check every nook and corner of your home to see if there is any crack. It is always a better idea to call a professional home inspector to check these issues.

So now that you know what are the basic things that you should consider before purchasing an older home, it's time to make the right investment. last but not the list one thing you should definitely consider when you are purchasing an older home is having a home warranty plan.

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