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Steps to Purchase the Best Home Warranty Plan

November 17, 2023

 A home warranty plan protects your major home appliances and built-in systems more effectively. If any covered item breaks down or stops working due to regular wear and tear, you can file a service claim with the home warranty company. You'll need to pay a deductible amount, and the company will send a registered professional to inspect and either repair or replace the damaged component in your home.

As a homeowner, it's essential to choose one of the best home warranty plan, especially when you've recently purchased a new home, are attempting to sell one, or currently reside in an older property. When your home is new, there might not be an immediate necessity for a home warranty because your appliances and systems likely have coverage under the manufacturer's or builder's warranty. This article aims to guide you on how to select a good home warranty so that you can obtain the best protection for your home.

Steps to buy the best home warranty plan:

There are numerous home warranty companies in the market, and deciding which one is best for you can be overwhelming. However, not all companies are indeed equal, and taking the right steps can indeed lead you to the best plan for your needs. In this article, we'll guide you through a series of steps to make the process of choosing a home warranty plan easier and more effective for you.

1.     Determine your coverage requirement:
First, determine the type of coverage you need. Do you require a plan that exclusively covers your appliances and systems, or one that encompasses everything? Exclude items already covered by manufacturer's warranties. Now, assess if you need additional protection for any specific items. If a particular item is not included in the plan, you may have the option to purchase additional coverage for it. Next, decide on the total coverage amount you desire. Different plans offer various types of coverage, with some providing a $500 limit for certain appliances, while more expensive plans may offer a higher limit, such as $3,000 for the same appliance.

2.     Research is the key to buying the best plan:
When you're considering purchasing something, it's not just about conducting research beforehand, but it's also important not to overlook the local context. Research companies that provide services in your state. Make an effort to gather as many details as possible about each company. Save the results in a spreadsheet. At this stage, instead of asking for quotes, focus on checking several critical factors.

3.     Carefully, check the following things-

·       Company website

·       Sample contracts

·       Customer reviews

·       BBB ratings

4.     Collect quotes from home warranty companies:
Now, as your initial research is complete, the next step is to gather quotes from the companies you've shortlisted. By now, you may have identified a company that appears to offer the best deal, meeting most, if not all, of your requirements. Obtain quotes from at least three companies and compare their coverages, premiums, customer reviews, reputation, and any other factors you deem important.

5.     Read the contract thoroughly:
You might have already gone through a sample contract, but now it's crucial for you to carefully read the final contract. Refrain from making any final decisions until you've thoroughly reviewed the entire contract. Many companies withhold revealing the service fee until the final contract. This is the right time to negotiate your service fee or deductible amount. Pay close attention to identifying any components that are excluded from the contract.