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Spring Maintenance Tips For Cleaner And Fresher Homes

October 13, 2021

Keeping a home spic and span is a given. What’s extra special about spring cleaning? Describing it as a thorough cleansing routine to get rid of the winter mess is appropriate. Let’s school you with a quick background story. Early in the past, fireplaces were cracked up in homes to stay fuzzy and warm in the chills. Of course, the doors remained shut to stop letting in the cool air. Interiors soon became stuffy and grime and soot accumulated in the nooks and corners of all homes. Right before the warm weather rolled in, wiping down the place and clearing of the dust was done meticulously.

Are you wondering if an in-depth cleaning session is required today? Of course, fireplaces are not commonly spotted in all homes these days. Grimes does not pile up as much as before. However, it is still very essential to ward out unwanted dust and allergens. Although an in-depth cleaning might sound herculean, it is fun and befitting in a number of ways. Not sure how?

1 Get hands on the long-lost items - Little did you know that your spring cleaning episode could be no less thrilling than an exciting treasure hunt. You might have forgotten about a gadget or fancy piece of clothing you owned. Tucking away items for way too long or misplacing them wipes your memory of even having these things. Polishing the place minutely helps you find things that you thought were lost or don’t remember purchasing.

2. Feel happy and chirpy - Not sure how feeling happy is relevant? Hanging hats in a place that’s crammed with too much stuff or dusty makes you feel low and sunk. Scrub the place clean. It instantly makes you lively and fresh. A clean space works wonders in lifting your mood.

3. Cleanliness blesses you with good health - Are you sure that your regular cleaning routine is effective in clearing off allergens and dust particles? Maybe not. Wiping the ins and outs of a place thoroughly ensures that the allergens are wiped out too.

4. Purge and organize - It is no surprise that you tend to pile a lot of unwanted things. Stuff might be tucked away in a drawer and you hardly take a note. Weeding out these unnecessary objects frees up a lot of space. Deep-cleaning your house right before spring helps you declutter and get rid of what’s unwanted or dispensable.

Are you waiting for the spring to spring in before you kick-start your cleaning schedule? Not a great idea. Maintaining a spotless and healthy home is much more than vacuuming or scrubbing off the place. More efforts need to be invested meticulously. Did you check that the dryer vents are not clogged? Is the smoke alarm still functional? In short, keeping tabs on a hundred different things is essential to upkeep the house in a good shape.

Tasks that are a must in your spring cleaning checklist

1. Swap the filters - A dirty or jammed filter is hard of any use. In fact, the fire risks double. Are you sure that the water is passing smooth and the air vents are clean and crisp? If not, changing the filters is a good idea. Filters are inexpensive. Ideally, all filters must be swapped with new ones every 6 months.

2. Do not turn a blind eye to the showerheads and faucets - Visible spots on the faucets, excess iron buildup or unclean showerheads are common household issues. Cleaning the faucets is not too laborious. Unscrew the showerheads and sink sprayers. Thoroughly wipe down the faucets and the detached parts. Mild soap isn’t enough to polish the showerheads? Whip up a water and vinegar concoction. Swamp the hardware in the solution for at least an hour. Scrub it well using warm water. You will be surprised to watch the sink sprayers and faucet all shiny and spotless.

3. Scrub out the dryer vent - Massive fire accidents due to a jammed dryer vent are not unheard of. Lint and dust pile up in the dryer vents pretty easily. Washing it away is a pressing need. However, if the vent has been dusty for a while now, simple washing might not be enough to cut the grade.

Wondering how to clean a dryer vent?

Before you start pulling out the filters or scrubbing the vent, always disconnect the vent from the dryer. You can’t risk electrocuting yourself, right? Using a specific vent brush to dust off the clogged vent is a good idea. The brush does a good job of buffing the dust and lint. Ensure that the flaps or vent covers are swinging seamlessly.

An important point to note:

Dryers are expensive home appliances. Not maintaining the home well or keeping the dryer spotless could dwindle the longevity of the appliance. Are you of the idea that fixing a dryer that’s acting up is not essentially pricey? You are mistaken. If the fault in the dryer is repairable, bringing it back to order will cost you a hefty charge. However, if the dryer conks out badly and is completely non-functional, replacement is your pick. The expenses of swapping out your old dryer with a new appliance are rich.

Being too sure that an appliance will keep functioning and not go kaput is unrealistic. Faults in mechanical systems are very common. Your dryer could conk out in a few months, a year, or in five years. Regardless, how do you plan to recoup the expenses? Paying out of your own pocket is overwhelming. How about safekeeping your appliance with a home warranty plan?

A home warranty plan comes of big use when appliances fail out of the blue. Not having a functional dryer is certainly inconvenient. The laundry keeps piling. Repairing the breakdown is an expensive service. The charges are enough to burn a hole in your wallet. What’s worse? No repair service comes with a guarantee that the machine will not crack down again. So, footing the fat bills becomes a cycle. A home warranty plan keeps your budget safe in circumstances of appliances conking out.

4. Get rid of the bugs and allergens swamping your house - Allergens are hard to spot with a naked eye. Do you have trouble breathing? Feel stuffy at home? Certainly, your crashpad is plagued with allergens. Keeping a check on the leaky pipes or faucets is crucial too. It could pave the way for molds and mildews to pop up like mushrooms. Feeling choked or breathless are not the only menacing drawbacks. Molds multiply in a snap. It could wreck the walls, furniture, and every piece of appliance in your home if left unchecked.

Weeding out the clutter in and around your home is essential. It keeps the bugs at bay. Scrubbing off the place thoroughly clears off pollen, allergen, and dust well enough.

5. Rinse the grills carefully - Barbeques and open grills are pretty much customary in the springs. Time to pull out those chunky grills and start prepping for the happy barbeque feasts. But, it is a no-brainer that the grills have gathered too much dust and grime. Scrubbing the grills is a good idea. Doesn’t matter if you own a gas grill or the time-honored charcoal ones. The grill has been deserted and tucked away for a full season. Developing thick layers of dust and smut is only obvious. Polish the grills well before putting the appliance into use.

Wondering if there’s a home warranty plan for the grills? Repurchasing a grill is a fat expense, in case the appliance is in a bad shape. Unfortunately, a home warranty plan may or may not foot the expenses of mending or replacing the grill. Checking the details of coverage offered by a home warranty plan might be a good idea.

6. Don’t leave out the smoke detectors - CO detectors and smoke alarms are on the cheaper side. Ensuring if the machine is still working is routine maintenance. If the alarm fails to beep or detect smoke, simple drills like changing the batteries could resolve the problem.

7. Free up the rain gutters - Are you not too careful about cleaning the gutters? Too much build-up of leaves, sticks, and various other organic debris could jam the downspout. Would you love limping through puddles of water on all perimeters of the house? Not having a clean and free gutter causes the water to flood. A muggy watery view is not the only downer. Frequent flooding could dampen the walls and increase the risks of leakage.

In short, clearing the mess from the gutters before the spring hits works in your favor.

8. Wipe down the windows - Stained and grimy windows are awful to watch, don’t you agree? It kills the appeal of the house. Scrubbing the windows is not very challenging. It may be laborious though. You could opt for professional cleaning services for a spotless spic and span result.

Keeping tabs on the seal and ensuring that the doors and windows shut well, without a gap is a good idea. Don’t you want your HVAC to function well and square?

Maintenance plays a key role in making your house shiny and spring-ready. Don’t skip on investing in a home warranty plan though. Regardless of how on-point you are with the upkeeping of the home systems and appliances, it could break down and stop working. Repair services are swanky. A home warranty plan keeps you safe from drawing out your saved funds to foot the bills of mending the broken home goods. ServicePlus Home Warranty offers great coverage on an array of household appliances and systems. Check the list and plan your budget before picking out a home warranty plan that fits the bills.