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ServicePlus Home Warranty For Septic Tank - Do You Need One?

July 29, 2021

Did you know that putting together a septic tank is one of the most pricey components in the construction of a house? It certainly is one of the most crucial components in a residential space. But, maintaining the system is often overlooked too. The presence of a septic tank in a property is a surprising fact to many homeowners. The importance of a septic tank is that ignored. It is only when the tanks explode and water from the toilets and sewage fails to pass through, homeowners start brainstorming about septic tanks and its operation. Of course, the stench is hard to let go of.

If you are contemplating about speaking to a home warranty company, regarding a septic tank, don’t think much. Go ahead and sign up for a comprehensive warranty. It can save you thousands of dollars, the next time your septic tank blows up.

Why must you maintain the septic system in your property?

Don’t choose to shy away from maintaining the septic system in your home. Frequent care routine of the home component can benefit you by leaps and bounds. Wondering how? Let’s take a quick look:

Keeps your property value high

If the septic system of a place is impaired and in shambles, the problems will show up. There will always be puddles around the drain field and in parts of your house. Damp walls will be common to spot. Plumbing issues pop up. The water outlet will turn dysfunctional. Getting rid of the stink will be challenging as well. In short, all these problems are hard to ignore and will dwindle the property value sooner than you think. Speak to a home warranty company and you won’t have to think a day before calling for help to maintain or fix a broken tank.

Happy you and safe neighbors

The septic tank plays a major role in a common household. Did you know that your regular water is brimming with increased content of nitrogen, phosphorous, harmful virus, and bacteria? A well-maintained septic tank does a wonderful job of eliminating a majority of the baneful pollutants.

If a septic tank is faulty and unusable, it hardly treats the water. This contaminates the groundwater by large. Of course, the stakes are high. Polluted water catalyzes the spread of germs and sickness in both humans and animals. If there is a swimming pool nearby or a water body, swimmers can be struck with malicious infections affecting the nostrils, eyes, and ears. It can cause major gastrointestinal disorders and severe other issues like hepatitis.

Keeps your expenses low

What sounds profitable - spending $300-$400 a year to keep up with the safety and the functioning of a septic tank or a hefty cost of $3000 - $7000 to replace a broken system with a new septic tank? If you are wise, you know the pick. Investing a few hundred dollars is a bargain, compared to paying mammoth thousands of dollars for a new one. By investing in a home protection plan, you are spared from footing the maintenance bills. A  home warranty company proceeds with a timely maintenance schedule to keep the functioning of the septic tank in check.

A perfectly working septic tank keeps the environment clean and hygienic

Do you realize the amount of wastewater spanning out below the grounds each day? Roughly around four billion gallons of water. The count keeps increasing. Colossal amounts of toxic groundwater are horrifying for the ecosystem. Malfunctioning septic tanks fail at clearing the water from bacteria, nitrogen, pathogens, phosphorus, virus, and an awful lot of unknown pollutants. Result? Native plants in the region wilt and die off. Shellfish, fish, and other aquatic creatures in the water bodies nearby die. Humans suffer from baneful diseases. Animals feeding on grass and plants that grow on the contaminated land put up with sickness too.

Opting for home protect warranty and extended coverage on a septic tank is an ideal thing to do.

How can you maintain a septic tank by yourself?

Certain chores are best left for professionals to take care of. But,  practicing the doable maintenance steps to keep your septic tank functional is worthy too. Here’s how you can keep a check on your septic tank.

1. Spend water efficiently

Don’t exceed the average water use. Keep an eye on small faulty parts like leaky faucets, running toilets, and so on. It drains down an overwhelming quantity of water, thereby thrusting and damaging the septic system. Install shower flow restrictors to abort overspending water.

Do you do small loads of laundry in oversized washing machines? Think you are saving up on water and energy? You are mistaken. Doing small loads in large machines increases the wastage of water. Instead, buy a washer with ideal load size. It will help you save water by large. Why just washing machines? Even toilets with bigger reservoirs provoke wastage of water. There is no use of a five-gallon reservoir when a 3-gallon one is sufficient for household toilets.

2. Stop flushing out anything and everything

What goes down the drain gathers up in the septic system. Doesn’t matter if you are flushing it out of the toilet, letting the garbage drain out from the sink, or your bath. Everything you are disposing off is piling up in that septic tank of yours. So, stop treating the tank as a trash can.

Don’t flush out the following things ever:

  • Dental floss
  • Oil or grease
  • Wet wipes
  • Diapers
  • Paper towels
  • Hygiene stuff
  • Cigarette butts
  • Condoms
  • Paint or paint thinners.

Be careful of what you are flushing off into the drain. To stay financially protected, opt for a home protection plan. At least, when the damages are staggering and things go south, your warranty will cover all expenses.

3. Call for a professional inspection

Professionals keep tabs on specific things that keep a septic tank running and functional. For a layman, it is practically impossible to take note of the faults in the machine. For instance, the switch, the pump, and other crucial mechanical components in the septic tank.

A professional is trained and knows the ins and outs contributing to the functionality of the home system. Worried that calling for inspection and servicing of the septic tank can cost you riches? Well, it surely would if you haven’t signed up for a home repair warranty yet.

Sign up for a contract with ServicePlus home warranty, an organization dedicated to make your home warranty plans better. Read the contract and choose coverage options that fit your requirement. Servicing and periodic check-ups will never cost you any money. A warranty company pays for the expenses anyway.