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Saving Money Around the House

July 6, 2021

As a homeowner, the chances are high that you’re working to reduce your monthly spending and save a bit of cash each month on your bills and utilities. You’ve probably taken a good, hard look at the big picture. If you’re still stuck in significant money-traps, seeking to reduce your current excess spending is the first step towards a more secure financial future. We have some tips for homeowners to reduce their spending and save more each month.

Cut Cables

We live in a mostly digital world when it comes to entertainment media. Companies such as Amazon and Netflix are now offering our favorite movies and television programs for a fraction of the cost of cable, which has only become more expensive over time. There has never been a better time to cut the cord and remove a significant monthly expense in the form of cable television. Most streaming services don’t have any hardware to pay for, so the monthly fee is the only cost to consider.

Home Warranty

Homeowners don’t usually think about a home warranty as a factor when it comes to saving money, but they really should. If your home is brand new or you recently installed new appliances, paying a monthly premium to cover the repairs or replacements on plumbing, cooling, and heating systems doesn’t make too much sense. If your home is a bit older, however, a warranty can cover an A/C not cooling or dryer not working.

30-Day Rule

The 30-day rule is not a new concept, but it’s certainly a useful one. Whenever you find yourself tempted by a large purchase, put it on hold for 30 days. Come back to the idea then, and only then, and you’ll find the urge to buy something has passed.