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Reasons Why You Should Have A Home Warranty Plan

November 28, 2022

Having a home warranty plan is one of the most rational ways to protect a major investment of your life- your home. A home warranty plan can protect your budget from expensive breakdowns, keep your appliances in proper working condition, ensure a comfortable living, and finally, protect your investment. 

Despite all these crucial reasons to have a home warranty plan, a lot of American homeowners still don’t realize the importance of having a home warranty plan. In this article, we are going to discuss the crucial reasons for having a home warranty plan and how it differs from home insurance. 

Reasons to have a home warranty plan: 

The coverage of your home warranty plan doesn’t depend on the state of your home, whether it’s an old or new home. But depending on the age of your home, your reason for purchasing a home warranty plan may vary.

Protect your costly appliances and systems:

If you have a new home with brand-new home appliances and systems, you may not need a home warranty plan as your appliances and systems have already been covered by your home warranty plan but if you have an older home with aged home appliances and systems, purchasing a home warranty plan will be an excellent idea. Our home warranty plans are comprehensive and protect almost all your expensive home appliances and systems. 

Home system repairs: 

While new homes have fewer issues than old ones but they can still have some kinks to work on. If there’s any issue with your plumbing, electric, or HVAC system, ServicePlus Home Warranty has got you covered.

Peace of mind:

With our home warranty plan, you can always enjoy peace of mind by knowing that all your critical home appliances and systems are protected. If any of your covered items wears down, make a claim by calling us or online, and we will get the broken component repaired or replaced free of cost. 

The Difference Between A Home Warranty and Home Insurance

A lot of homeowners still misunderstand a home warranty plan with home insurance but they both are different investment plans. Home insurance protects your property financially against perils like theft, fire, hailstorm, and other natural disasters. It just covers the structural damages to your property but like a home warranty, home insurance doesn’t cover your internal home appliances and systems. 

Secondly, having home insurance is a must when you have a mortgage but on the other hand, a home warranty plan is an optional investment plan. 

Why should you buy a home warranty plan from us?

At ServicePlus Home Warranty, we offer highly inclusive plans at the most competitive prices* 

  • We always provide you with a transparent demo contract where you can see all the limitations 
  • We have a customizable plan to meet your exact requirement
  • We have a network of highly skilled repair technicians in your area
  • We offer the promptest claim-fulfilling service 
  • We have been running a home warranty business with a great market reputation for a long time

*terms and conditions applied

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