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Reasons Why You Need A Home Warranty Plan

October 6, 2022

Having a home warranty plan is one of the best ways to protect your crucial investment-your home. A home warranty plan can protect your major home appliances and systems from expensive breakdowns, keep them in working condition and ensure a functional home experience for you.


Despite all the crucial reasons for a home warranty plan, many American homeowners still don’t realize the benefits of a home warranty plan.

In this article, we are going to talk about the reasons why you need a home warranty plan-


Reasons to have a home warranty plan for new homes:


Protect expensive repairs

If you have recently purchased a new home, you may have some nice appliances and systems there. You can safeguard all your major appliances and systems under comprehensive home warranty coverage. If anything breaks down, you easily file a claim and get your item repaired or replaced free of cost.


Most manufacturers’ warranties last for one year

If your home’s age is more than one year, chances are that most of your home appliances are not anymore protected by the manufacturers’ warranties anymore and this is exactly where our home warranty plan can be the best protection for your budget.


Reasons to have a home warranty plan for older homes

Older homes come with older appliances and systems that are likely to break down or malfunction due to regular wear and tear. If you own an older home, here are the reasons why you need a home warranty plan-

Repairing of age-old home systems

With time, some of your systems may wear out even if you regularly maintain them. If an older system gives up due to age, our home warranty plan can repair or replace the faulty component.


Repairing older appliances

Once your appliances start to reach their retirement stage, they start exhibiting various issues and replacing the costly items can be an expensive affair for you. Our home warranty plans give you peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong with covered items, we will repair or replace them for you.


Home warranty Vs Home Insurance

A lot of homeowners misunderstand a home warranty plan with home insurance. They are different types of investments. Home insurance protects the exterior of your property against natural disasters like fire, hailstorms, floods, and storms and incidents like burglary, theft, etc. like a home warranty plan, home insurance doesn’t provide any coverage for the items inside your home.


Having home insurance is a must if you have a mortgage but on the other hand, a home warranty plan is an optional investment.

At ServicePlus Home Warranty, we have worked hard to offer you the best plans that suit your budget. Our plans are highly comprehensive and cover all your critical home appliances and systems. We also offer excellent discounts and free additional months at the time of purchasing any plan. If you want to know more about our services, click here!