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Reasons Behind Choosing A Home Warranty Plan

December 14, 2022

When it comes to selling your home, having a home warranty plan is a great way to differentiate your property from others. The truth is that you cannot foresee the breakdowns of your home appliances and systems, and this is exactly where a home warranty plan comes to your rescue as it covers the costs of repairs and replacements. A home warranty plan helps you attract more potential buyers.

Now it’s time to know the benefits of a home warranty plan-

It’s a consumer-friendly product:

The purpose of having a home warranty plan is to safeguard you from an expensive repair or replacement costs. ServicePlus Home Warranty offers plans that cover all your critical appliances and systems. However, one thing that you must remember is that a home warranty plan doesn’t cover everything. While most home warranty companies cover major appliances but some of them cover specific appliances.

Home warranty companies depend on a small network of contractors. When you make any service claim, the home warranty company will send out a professional service technician to your doorstep to inspect the issue with your item and fix or replace it accordingly.

Safeguards you from unexpected costs:

A home warranty plan is a great way to protect your savings as it covers the costs of repairing or replacement of broken appliances and systems due to regular wear and tear.

Studies have shown that more than half of homeowners experience some sort of emergency repairs at their homes.

A home warranty plan and home insurance are not the same:

A lot of people still think that a home warranty plan and home insurance are the same, but the truth is that they are different investment options. Home insurance protects your property damages against perils like fire, theft, hailstorm, and other natural disasters. Like a home warranty plan, home insurance doesn’t cover your internal appliances and systems.

Also, having home insurance is a must when you have a mortgage, but a home warranty plan is an optional investment.

It’s not one-size-fits-all:

Usually, most home warranty companies offer three types of plans.

  • A plan that covers your major appliances
  • A plan that covers your critical systems
  • A comprehensive and little costly plan that covers both appliances and systems

You can also avail of additional coverage for your roof leakage, automatic garage door, and garbage disposal by paying some extra amount.

Also, each time a service technician comes to your home to inspect the issue with your broken item, you will have to pay a small service fee called the deductible. Generally, the deductible amount ranges between $30 to $60 but this amount is negotiable, and you can do it at the time of purchasing the home warranty plan.

So, now that you know the reason why you need a home warranty plan, it’s time to purchase a home warranty plan. ServicePlus Home Warranty offers excellent home warranty plans at the most reasonable plans. If you want to know more about their home warranty plans,  click here!