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Plumbing Maintenance - What’s On The Checklist? 

July 22, 2021

The plumbing arrangement is an integral component in a home. If you haven’t realized it yet, most of your everyday chores rely on a fully functional plumbing system. Wondering how? From wiping down counters and warm showers to dishwashing, hosing down the lawn, and cleaning of clothes, plumbing is a core home system. There is no way you can turn a blind eye to a faulty plumbing system. Unfortunately, the fixing job is an expensive one. Footing the bills out of your pocket could be challenging, in terms of money. If there is a pressing need to replace a wrecked plumbing system, the odds are higher. Hefty bills and an overload of inconvenience, the struggle is real. This is one of the primary reasons why homeowners consider getting home warranty plans.

Not sure how the home warranty plans can help you with major plumbing issues? Well, of course, a warranty cannot stop a plumbing system from crashing down. It rescues you from the financial struggles. Home warranty plans bear all sorts of expenses, related to the repairs of a knocked-up plumbing arrangement. It doesn’t matter if the restoration work is major or small, and insignificant. The company foots the bills, irrespective of the numbers.

ServicePlus home warranty plans take care of the big expenses that could have otherwise burnt a dent in your wallets. However, it is crucial to upkeep the plumbing system in a home. Shying away from periodic maintenance is not an option. There are companies who reject sanctioning claims if proper maintenance of the mechanical systems has not been followed. You don’t want to bet your odds, right?

A detailed plumbing maintenance checklist

Before listing down the musts of a checklist, it is worth understanding that maintaining the mechanical system at home is not a herculean task.

1. Inspect for leakages

It is no surprise that even a tiny leakage can cause massive damage. If there is a seepage anywhere, get it fixed right away. The walls, the floors, and the ceilings slip into a state of wreck in a snap if leakages of any kind are ignored. Leaks popping up clearly implies that there is something wrong with the house’s plumbing system. If you fail to spot the real problem, always call in professionals for an inspection.

Some of the common areas in your home to detect leakages are:

     • In and around the faucets

   • Shower heads

   • Along the pipelines

   • Hoses and connections

   • Toilet, and more.

2. Do not wait for the drains to clog

The awful impacts of congested drains are mammoth. Always keep an eye on the drains and ensure that it is not gunged up or blocked. Little did you know but a clogged drain casts pressure on the pipes. Too much thrust certainly cuts back the lifespan of the pipes and it frays off sooner than expected.

    • Keep the drain baskets in the tub clean

   • Do not dispose off oil or grease in the drain

   • Clear off the debris and hair that may accumulate and clog your drain.

There are ample ways to keep a close eye on the upkeep of your plumbing system. Home warranty plans make your life a lot easier. You are safe from the burdening anxiousness of having to pay out hefty cheques to mend a faulty plumbing system. Safekeeping the significant and expensive plumbing system is a must. You can avail maximum benefits out of home warranty protection plans only then.