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Most Common Household Injuries and How to Prevent Them

July 6, 2021

When it comes to protecting our families, especially children, it makes sense to know what household injuries are the most common. It all makes sense to take proactive steps to prevent such injuries. Often, however, a mere accident cannot be helped. The most we can do is reduce the chance of serious incidents occurring.

Falling Objects

When children first begin to walk, they tend to reach for the nearest object to stabilize themselves. This usually means a nearby coffee table or low counter. Frequently, we adults tend to store objects on such furniture for later use. Unfortunately, children will grab onto anything they can, which means an object may fall atop their head. This usually leads to a bump and some redness. By removing heavier objects from the edge of a table, we eliminate the chance of an accident.

Slip and Falls

A fall at an age can lead to a severe injury, though they are more common amongst children and the elderly. When falling, a child tends to merely injure their ego. An elder falling, however, can lead to broken bones. It’s important to mark off wet spots or clean up spills as quickly as possible to prevent such injuries. Furthermore, clean up any children’s toys or clumsy objects laying around on the floor.


Even the smallest cut can lead to blood loss, which may result in a tough time providing first aid. Many people fear blood or grow sick at the sight. While it’s not always possible to prevent cuts, you can reduce the chances by hiding scissors, sharp knives, and childproof sharp corners. Children often bump their heads on the corners of cabinets and tables, which can lead to cuts.