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Know The Types Of HVAC Systems

August 1, 2022

The HVAC is one of the critical systems in a home. Tuning the temperature and monitoring the air quality makes a living space comfortable and cozy to dwell in. However, that’s not all about the functional benefits of HVAC. Little did you know that a proper HVAC system contributes to the longevity of appliances and furnishings. Think about it - if it wasn’t for the HVAC, over-accumulation of dust and humidity could ruin appliances way before their end time. The odds of temperature swings and their impacts on home appliances are not unknown to the homeowners. Installing a shiny new HVAC is quite a rich expense. Doesn’t it make sense to safeguard the home system, if things were to go south? Home warranty plans save you from making a dent in your funds if the HVAC fizzles out, post the lapse of a manufacturer’s warranty.

Are you hunting for the best HVAC system to be installed in your brand-new property? It is easy to be swayed if you are a newbie. Multiple types of HVAC systems are available for purchase. Learn which of the systems pack a punch and fits the size of your budget and needs.

Different types of HVAC systems 

1. The split ones

Calling it a popular pick for residential homes is correct. The split HVAC system is known for its compact and unique design. There are two units in the system. One is for cooling and the other unit functions in heating up your home. Wondering if the components are fixed together? No! The cooling unit is mostly set up on the outside of the home and the system’s heating unit is well fit for the basement of your property.

2. Geothermal systems

The name clearly spills the beans on what a geothermal HVAC is all about. Wondering if the geothermal HVAC unit is appropriate for residential use? Well, the system is certainly picking up, in terms of popularity. The unit is a swanky one. It is far more expensive than a standard HVAC system. However, it does save a great deal of money for homeowners in the long run. Thinking how? Geothermal units are truly energy efficient and utilize the heat from the Earth to keep the chilly temperature inside a house at bay. A bunch of pipes is fitted to pull out the heat from underneath the earth's surface and channel it to the ins and outs of a house. To cool a place, the HVAC unit reverses the process and streams out the heat from within the house into the earth using the pipes.

3. Ductless HVAC system

It is no surprise that the HVAC system comes with no ducts. Puzzled and try to figure out how the heating and cooling unit to function without the ducts. You might be surprised to learn that the ductless variants are commonly picked up by homeowners too. Multiple systems are set up throughout the house to monitor and control the airflow and temperature in a crash pad.

Regardless of the HVAC you choose, upkeeping the home system is a pressing priority. What makes your home component’s maintenance journey a little less burdening is a home warranty plan. 


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