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Key Things to Consider Before Choosing A Home Warranty Plan

September 7, 2022

When your car or any device you own has been damaged or broken, you have warranties to cover it. As a homeowner, you should know that you also have a home warranty to cover the expense of repairing or replacing your broken home appliances and systems. A home warranty plan is a great help for homeowners, especially when your critical home appliances or systems break down unexpectedly due to regular wear and tear.


Home warranty plans cover the appliances and systems like refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, electricals, plumbing and HVAC, etc. If you are planning to purchase a home warranty plan, you should follow these tips-



Coverage is the most important thing that you should consider when selecting a home warranty plan. You should make a list of items that you want to cover with your home warranty plan.


It is always a better idea to include items that are old and more likely to break down due to regular wear and tear. Items that come with a costly repair or replacement should be covered by your home warranty plan. If you want to cover both your appliances and systems, purchasing a comprehensive plan would be a perfect idea for you.


Control and prohibition:


Every home warranty plan comes with its inclusions and exclusions. There are components that your home warranty plan won’t cover. Home warranty plans come with a set limit on the items. If the repair or replacement costs go beyond the specific amount, you have to pay the extra money out of your pocket. Knowing all the limits and prohibitions of your home warranty plan will always help you select the best plan that optimally meets your requirements.




Most home warranty companies require you to pay the monthly or annual premium. When you claim service, you must pay your repairing professional a specific amount as a service charge. The service charge is also known as the deductible. Usually, the deductible amount ranges from $30 to $60 and you can negotiate the amount at the time of purchasing the plan.


Customer reviews and ratings:


When searching for the best home warranty company, you should check the customer reviews and ratings. You should note the negative reviews as well. It is always better to select a company with more positive reviews than negative ones. Reviews can help you view the experiences from different perspectives.


Finally, the right home warranty company should be able to offer you plans that can best fit your requirements. If you are looking for the best company, ServicePlus Home Warranty can be the best choice for you. Click here to know more about their plans.