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Is Your House Spring Ready? Learn The Do’s Of Preventative Maintenance

July 25, 2022

Prepping your beautiful house before the spring hits is much needed. Keeping tabs on a few preventative upkeeping methods dwindles the risks of appliances conking out in the midst of the warm spring. Don’t you want to be 100% certain that all appliances and home systems are in a good shape and working top-notch? Isn’t it bugging to deal with unnecessary breakdowns in the warm and sultry weather? Preventative maintenance is key to sit back and enjoy the pleasantness of springs.

Before talking about the tips and things to include in your checklist, it’s worth asking - have you invested in a home warranty plan yet? Spring or winter, a home warranty plan comes of use round the year. Skip buying a warranty and you will end up sinking your money in unnecessary repairs. Sudden breakdown and critical home systems seizing up - isn’t it alarming for your budget? Paying the big fat bills to mend the conked system could put you in a pickle. ServicePlus Home Warranty is a well-known warranty service provider. Handing out the best coverage options for home appliances and systems, a warranty service provider is your best bet when appliances fail.

What’s a must in your spring maintenance checklist?

1. Make sure that the drainage across your house is faultless and clear. Is the water draining out slow? You might want to check that the drainage is not clogged. Bunged up drains could cause flooding and other inconveniences

2. Do not allow the sediments to pile up in a hot water heater. Eject the water in the heater and keep the appliance spic and span

3. The air vents should be cleaned well

4. Do not miss tidying up the garbage disposal

5. Check if the ceiling fans are spinning as needed. Ensure that the blades are spotless

6. Servicing of the air conditioning system is preferred. You might have sparingly used the air conditioner earlier. Now that spring is in, a well functional AC is a pressing need

7. Put the lawnmower into use and maintain the yards. Trim the shrubs and keep the driveway tidy

8. Keep a close watch on the washers and dryers. If there are signs of fraying in the hose, it is ideal to change it before the hose cracks up. Is your dryer not functioning as it should? Talk to your warranty service provider and call a professional for assistance and maintenance

9. Look through the nooks and corners of your basement. Check for leakages, if any. Do not miss keeping tabs on the signs of infestation. Molds and bacterial growths commonly pop up in the dark damp corners of the attic or a basement

10. Do you have extra insulation set up on outdoor faucets? It might be ideal to remove the fittings now that spring has set in.

Keeping all home systems in check is pivotal. The inconvenience of a failing home system is difficult to recoup right away. Choosing a home warranty plan, as per your requirement, safekeeps your money in the event of appliances crashing and home systems conking out. 

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