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Is A Dehumidifier Needed For Your Home?

March 1, 2022

Has the growing popularity of dehumidifiers left you surprised? Not sure why investing in the appliance counts big? Before jumping to the benefits of installing a dehumidifier, it is worth understanding if the home appliance is a good fit or not. Moisture build-up in homes is not unknown. The spin-off of excessive humidity is hard to neglect. Were you of the idea that dampness and humidity are most prevalent in areas like the basement? Wrong! Moisture could amplify in any of the nooks and corners of your house. The risks of dealing with damp and humid indoors are pretty high if you are hanging hats in areas predominant in stuffy humid climates.

Wondering why the sudden surge in demand for dehumidifiers? Too much humidity is uncomfortable to breathe in. Airlessness and stickiness are not the only drawbacks. Not keeping the moisture levels in check could wreck the appliances and components in a home. What’s worse? It makes a perfect nest for allergens, mildews, and molds to spring up. Are you allergic? Well, your allergy could turn chronic in a bat’s eye. High scales of humidity certainly make your home a dwelling house for molds and awful allergens.

Buying a dehumidifier is a priority. Signs you have uncared for long enough

1. Unpleasant musty and mildewy odors

Do you often sense a funky and musty smell all around your house? Could be an offshoot of heaps of mildews popping up in the nooks and corners of your crashpad. The growth of molds amplifies in a bat’s eye. Nipping the growth of molds in the bud is a pressing need. If not, the active molds emit harmful toxins and spores into the air. Pretty much explains why the foul damp smell lingers in your house.

The stench is certainly not the only drawback. Airborne contaminants are on a high if too many molds are springing up here and there. The allergens are menacing irritants that affect your nose, eyes and throat.

2. Damp and claggy basements

Is the basement in your house not in the best shape? Do you feel sticky and damp whenever you step into the basement? Without a doubt, the humidity in your basement is way higher than the regular scales. If you have been unable to spot leakages causing a soar in the humidity levels, a dehumidifier could benefit you by large.

An HVAC is pretty much a core home system, found installed in most properties. The system could be wearying down and have trouble spinning and spreading the cool air in and out. If there’s no return vent set up in the basement, problems of increasing humidity could step up. The onset of spring could add to the dreadful moisture buildup. Dampness and airlessness within the house spikes. Insulating the basement of your house well and square is the only way to prevent moisture from springing in. If this sounds expensive, trusting on appliances like a dehumidifier is a safe bet.

3. Paints chipping off and the floors stripping down

Little did you know that if a house has been exposed to excessive humidity for the longest time, parts and materials start stripping off. Did you put together fancy wooden floors? Surprised to watch the floors fraying in a very short span of time. Certainly, the humidity in your place is high.

The damages are not just limited to wood and similar materials. Varnishes come off, the wall paints wear off, frays pop up on gypsum boards and so on. High scales of humidity wrecks the metals and wiring in the place. It might be a good idea to purchase a dehumidifier and keep the moisture score of the place in check.

Too much moisture makes a perfect tenement for pests and termites to breed. The carpenter ants might find your house a happy place to thrive in.

4. Foggy condensation on walls and windows

Do you often spot the windows turning all frosty in the colder months? Too much condensation happening when temperatures outside descend rapidly? Little did you know that over-condensation is a tell-tale sign that the humidity levels in your house are on a surge. If the walls in your house are not aptly insulated and the glass windows are quite thin, the signs of condensation are easier to spot. The moisture indoors precipitates and gathers on the windows and walls.

While revamping the walls might not be a possible solution, installing a dehumidifier to put a stop to the increasing moisture is a smart idea.

Wet and stuffy climates call for putting the dehumidifiers to the best use. Problems of increasing humidity are more common in homes that are improperly ventilated. Are the rooms in your house steamy and muggy? Getting hands on a dehumidifier might work wonders and stop the appliances and systems from conking out.

Is there a way to save your expenses in repurchasing a dehumidifier every time it stops working?

A dehumidifier is no inexpensive buy. It might cost you anywhere in between $100 to $1000. Settling for a cheaper product might not win you the best advantage when warding out moisture. Scared that a pricier dehumidifier might be expensive to repair if it breaks down? Of course, the risks are high. However, you can stay clear from putting a dent in your budget by relying on a home warranty plan.

A home warranty plan that extends coverage on appliances like dehumidifiers is a super-saver in the long run. ServicePlus Home Warranty blesses you with multiple plans to choose from. Purchasing a house or setting up could throw you in a pickle, in terms of money. Putting up with mending expenses as an add-on is not only unwanted but extremely taxing for your budget. Having a home warranty plan in action ensures that regardless of how major or small the breakdown in your dehumidifier is, the costs are optimally covered.

Must you settle for the cheapest home warranty plans though? Saying yes to a home warranty plan that’s cheap and considerably fitting for your budget is not a problem unless the coverage is restricted. Think about it - would it make sense to pay for the cheapest home warranty plans if it fails to provide coverage on most of the critical home systems and appliances? Not a chance! Instead, you end up sinking your money in a home warranty plan that does you no good.

It is no secret that purchasing a dehumidifier is a costly venture. Keeping the appliance in top shape could get difficult in the bustling lives. Result? The appliance wears off and stops spinning. Repairing and putting the dehumidifier back to order might result in footing long expensive bills. Are you anxious about paying the overwhelming bills? A home warranty plan guarantees a breath of relief from the taxing expenses. No amount of repair promises that the dehumidifier will be up and running flawlessly for the rest of your life. Why only dehumidifiers? All mechanical appliances and systems fall on the list. It might fray off and fizzle out without any signs of warning. The right home warranty plan might not safekeep the appliances from seizing out. But, it certainly keeps your funds untouched regardless of how lengthy the bills soar.

Still contemplating if buying a home warranty plan is a good deal? Stop and put your money in a home warranty plan that works for you the best.

The advantages of shopping a dehumidifier

Wondering why the clothes in your laundry room are still wet? Not sure why breathing in the muggy indoors is hard? Worried that most of your household goods are weathering down in a snap? The signs, in short, suggest that the humidity in your house is strikingly high. Setting up a dehumidifier cannot be delayed any longer. If not, the allergens could double up in no time and cause a host of ill effects on your health. Shortness of breath certainly tops the charts. Itchy eyes, too much of wheezing, and awful rashes on the skin are some of the commonly witnessed offshoots.

There are many reasons why shopping a dehumidifier works in your favor. Some of the benefits are:

1. The appliance is not too noisy and runs pretty much quietly in the background. Dehumidifiers help keep the indoor air quality healthy and spic and span, making it truly less hospitable for the harmful allergens

2. Have you been worked up trying to ward out the musty damp odors? The unpleasant stench is easier to get rid off by putting a dehumidifier into use. It whirls out the moldy smell and helps survive in clean and fresh air

3. Dehumidifiers are not ordinary devices. Are you troubled spotting molds on linens, furniture and other pieces of clothing? Regular laundry isn’t of much help? Time to switch on the dehumidifier and let the appliance work its magic. It clears the air off surplus humidity and bars molds from developing on fabric or other materials

4. Did you know that running a dehumidifier could dwindle the dust and allergens from settling indoors?

5. Breathing in air that’s plagued with allergens is uncomfortable and ruining for your health. Turning the dehumidifier on wipes out the allergens from the air. Results? Your respiratory health betters up and allergic reactions on your skin are pretty much out of the question

6. If you have been looking for ways to amp up the functioning of air conditioners, a dehumidifier is a solution to the problem. When the air quality is poor and humidity has rocketed, appliances like the AC have a hard time cooling the air. Of course, the power consumption is much more than usual since the air conditioner works way harder. A dehumidifier cleans the air and kisses goodbye to excessive moisture. As a result, it dwindles the energy costs too. The appliance also stops the AC from fizzling out.

Are you convinced to purchase a dehumidifier for your home? Great! Do not forget to opt for a home warranty plan though. Availing the perks of coverage guaranteed by a home warranty plan keeps your money safe when costly components like a dehumidifier snap out.