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Important Questions to Ask Before Purchasing A Home Warranty Plan

December 19, 2022

As a smart real estate professional, it’s important to know how to help your customers to find their dream homes. Therefore, make sure that they have the best home warranty plans to safeguard their savings. 

When it comes to finding the best home warranty plan, you should ask some critical questions to the company before purchasing.

1.    What is the coverage limit?

Different companies offer different coverage limits on their plans. The coverage limits may also vary based on your location. You should always check the sample contract to see the exact coverage limit in your area.


2.    Do you cover HVAC refrigerant and what are the limits for it?

Most home warranty companies cover the costs of HVAC refrigerant replacements. Well-known companies like ServicePlus Home Warranty have no limitations on HVAC refrigerant repair or replacement costs. You can also purchase additional coverage to recapture, recover, and dispose of refrigerant.


3.    Does the company cover pre-existing conditions?

Unfortunately, most companies do not cover items with pre-existing conditions. When purchasing a home warranty plan, always go for a home appliances and systems inspection to find pre-existing issues with any of your items. Terms and conditions apply respectively to every home warranty company.


4.    Are there limits on service requests?

Every home warranty plan comes with a limit and you can claim as many services as you want until your limit is not exceeded. If your service request goes beyond the coverage limit, you have to pay the extra amount out of your pocket. If you want to cover both your critical home appliances and system, it’s always better to purchase a comprehensive plan that ensures a large amount of coverage limit.

5.    Do I need a home warranty plan when I have a new house with brand-new appliances and systems?

If you have brand-new appliances and systems, you may not need a home warranty plan as most of the items are already covered by their respective manufacturer’s warranties. In that scenario, you can purchase a home warranty plan once the manufacturers’ warranties expire.

6.    What is the deductible amount?

Well, the deductible amount varies from company to company. Usually, this amount ranges between $30 to $60. The deductible amount is negotiable, and you can do it at the time of purchasing a plan. The more premium you pay, the less deductible you have to pay.

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