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Important Checklist While Choosing A ServicePlus Home Warranty

July 29, 2021

A home warranty company provides optimum protection plans for homeowners. Most home warranty plans offer basic coverage on the key appliances and systems in a house. Unfortunately, it is difficult to spot an umbrella plan that covers all home systems and appliances known.

Home warranty plans are available in numbers. You can pick a plan that fits your needs or customize the coverage options. Always learn the ins and outs of a home warranty company before you make the purchase. Sadly, there are just too many limitations imposed by most home warranty companies. For example, you may be of the idea that your chosen home warranty plan pays entirely for the costs of service or replacement of parts in appliances. However, while placing a claim request, the company makes a part payment for the repair works and bills you the rest of the amount. Is the home warranty any good?

It is always a good idea to go through the contract in detail. Don’t skim through the documents. Once you make an investment, perks or no perks, you will have to live with it for a whole year. So, make your decision count.

Checklist to follow before buying a home warranty

1. Don’t blindly trust the coverage promised by a home warranty company. Coverage options alter with regions, companies, and plans.

2. Enquire about the replacement policy of the company. Replacing faulty appliances is not typically a decision that you make as a homeowner. Companies follow a protocol and carry out a detailed analysis before deciding whether a unit needs an altercation or not. Always reach out to the company and ask whether the replacement services are chargeable or not.

3. Is a home warranty company denying you the claim, because your appliance was ill-maintained? One of the primary reasons to invest in a home warranty plan is to stay protected from uncertainty. Not knowing how your warranty plan works is no good. Check with the company on every aspect before you sign up for a protection plan. For example, is the company known for easy claim settlements? Will it pay for the damages in appliances that pop up out of nowhere, even after a thorough diagnosis had been done?

When a company declines a claim request due to pre-existing condition, you must have hands on documents that suggest otherwise. It is not hard to find a home warranty company that pays for the claims on pre-existing damages. To begin with, don’t bet your money on the first company or the first home warranty plan that comes your way.

4. Know how home protection plans work complimentary with a manufacturer’s warranty. If you have recently bought a washer for use and it goes kaput, it is the manufacturer’s job to replace or mend the faulty product. However, if the labor charges are not borne by the manufacturer, a home warranty comes into play. The plan covers for the expenses of repair.

5. There is nothing better than reading reviews of a home warranty company before you trust in the warranty plan it introduces. Real-time reviews of customers spill the beans on how effective is the home warranty plan issued by the company, setbacks if any, prompt claim settlement, and others.

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