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How To Figure If There’s A Home Warranty Safekeeping Your Property?

June 9, 2022

The benefits of home warranty plans are not unheard of. What’s not good about having a contract that keeps you from shelling out on the repairs and replacement of conked home systems and appliances? The stress of loosening the purse strings to foot the repair bills is way too sinking.

Have you inherited a fancy home or purchased a property of your liking? Quite possible that you already have an active home warranty plan. You could also buy into a house with zero warranty or protection. Wondering if there’s a way to find out if a home warranty plan is in working or not? Of course, speaking to the previous owners or sellers of the house is a wise idea. If that’s not convincing, you can always get down to the brass tacks and start tracking all pieces of documents.

Mostly, sellers are expected to purchase home warranty plans. Thinking why? Well, it doubles the chances of selling the property quick. Also, winning potential buyers is impossible if the home appliances are in horrible shape or fail to run. Did you think that a realtor would rather spend on repairs and not avail the perks of a home warranty plan? Not true! A home warranty is quite marked down, in comparison with the expenses of repairs if appliances blow up suddenly.

How to be sure if you have a home warranty?

1. Start popping questions to the former owners of the house. When you are clinching the deal of purchase, don’t shy away from asking the seller if there’s an existing home warranty plan available. Go ahead and request a copy of the service contract, if any.

2. Are you buying into a brand-new construction? It might be wise to check in with the realtor regarding a home warranty contract. Mostly, all details are spilled, post the sale. However, ask the realtor for the records or copies of the home warranty plan.

3. Having a hard time getting hands on the details of the home warranty contract? It is easy to figure the warranty coverage onhome appliances. Talk to the manufacturers and get the details. Are the appliances way too old? The chances of getting any info on warranty and coverage are less likely then. But give it a shot and contact the manufacturers with the serial numbers of the appliances to get the maximum info.

Will a home warranty cover all pieces of appliances and home systems set up?

The extent of coverage primarily depends on the home warranty plan you have specifically signed up for. Look into the details of the contract to get a clear picture of the appliances that are covered and systems that are not included in the list of coverage.

Companies like Service Plus Home Warranty have multiple home warranty plans to pick from. The basic home warranty plan safekeeps systems and appliances like:

·        Refrigerator

·        Oven

·        HVAC

·        Plumbing

·        Dishwasher, and a few more items.

Customizing home warranty plans is a piece of the pie, provided that the company agrees to it. You can opt for added coverage on home components like the sprinkler system, septic tanks, swimming pools, and more. Of course, the charges will vary. 


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