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How Much Does Home Warranty Protection Plans Cost? Do Homeowners Profit From It?

July 15, 2021

Can you calculate and assess the unpredictable? Putting a price on the unexpected is fictitious. When you are not aware of the damage that’s about to hit, how on earth will you put figures on the expenses? This is why you have home insurance to keep you secured and prepped in the unforeseen bad times. Home warranty protection plans are very different.

Insurance coverage kicks in when a cyclone, tornado, or a natural disaster of a big scale ruins your home and the appliances and systems in it. It pays for restoring the damages if there’s a massive fire breakout or a burglary of some kind. But, how likely are you expecting a tornado to blow up your property? Will home insurance cover the damages that are caused due to regular wear and use? No! Such expenses are borne by companies when you invest in home warranty protection plans.

Does having peace of mind matter?

A swanky investment can leave you crippled financially, for a few months or years. Paying up for repairing broken home systems or switching the appliances with new ones is out of question. Your cash is tight and purchasing a new appliance doesn’t make sense.

Now, if you have signed up for home protect warranty, the company takes care of your expenditure. Doesn’t matter if an appliance is merely broken or completely dysfunctional. Small or big, all costs of repair are borne by the home warranty company.

Peace of mind is much welcomed by homeowners. Buying a new home is a big purchase. Not having to worry about arranging money to foot the bills of repair is a relief. Home systems might falter out of the blue. Servicing these mechanical systems and mending them is very pricey. Home warranty protection plans offer financial assistance.

What is covered by a home warranty?

There are debates revolving around home warranty and what it covers. It is always good to have a clear picture to make a smooth claim. Basic home protection warranties offer coverage on home appliances like refrigerators, cooktops, washers, dryers, garage door openers, and others. Warranties extend coverage on significant home systems like the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and so on so forth.

Always know what’s included in a home warranty before you seek a claim. All plans are different. You can choose to upgrade a plan and pay for added coverage or stick with a primary basic one. Know which of your home appliances and systems are covered in your chosen plan to have a clear idea.

Structural features of a home are not always covered by home warranty protection plans. For instance, are you of the idea that a home warranty will provide for the charges of repair, involving a broken window or roof? Probably not! However, companies are now starting to offer plans that assure coverage on the structural features of a house. Be sure to check it out before you pick a plan.