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How Does A Home Protect Warranty Ward Off Damages Inflict By Molds?

July 29, 2021

Are you surprised to spot molds popping up in the most unexpected places?

Little do you know that wiping out the fungi is not easy. Leaving it unattended can ruin your appliances. But, the worst part is the difficulty in locating these molds. Keeping a check on mold growths is hard. The fungi cause damage in regular appliances. Heaters and refrigerators are the worst affected. Repairing the damaged appliances involves a lot of money. If you are running tight on budget, the bills of repair will throw you in a pickle.

Therefore, it is only wise to invest in a home protect warranty.  

If you can monitor humidity in your home and prevent it from scaling up, mold growth can be controlled. But, is it a feasible option? Maybe not! Molds shoot up anywhere. If there is increased moisture in a place, the presence of molds amplifies. To keep a check and nip in the bud, you need to indulge in thorough cleaning. Before spilling the beans on how to get rid of molds, let’s look at a few appliances that are prone to mold attacks.

Appliances that work as dens for awful mold growths

1. Refrigerators

Do you smell something musty in your fridge? Not sure about the source of the stench? Molds love refrigerators. The cool humid environment of the fridge works best for molds to thrive. Why just the refrigerator? The freezer section cannot be left unchecked. Don’t forget to check underneath your fridge. Food and water spills favor the growth of molds.

2. Chimney

There’s an abundance of dark, hollow spots in chimneys. Dirt, debris, and water accumulate on the brick crevices. This makes chimneys a perfect environment for the fungi to thrive. Rusty chimney caps add to the problem. Not to forget, if a chimney is even slightly broken, it paves the way for snow and rain to trickle in. This maximizes moisture in the chimney, encouraging grisly molds to show up.

3. Humidifiers

As fancy as it sounds, even the best of humidifiers must be wiped clean every day. The advanced antimicrobial ones are no different. Water particles accumulate in humidifiers, making it a perfect den for molds and bacteria to thrive. It is crucial to clean the scale and disinfect the same before you refill and put the appliance into work.

4. AC vents

It is no surprise that molds love popping up in the air ducts. If you are looking for visual signs to spot molds in the vent, there is no easy way to do it. You will either have to peek inside the vent and keep an eye on mold growths or rely on your nose to smell the musty odor.

5. Washing machines

If you are listing down mold favorites, washing machines are at the top of the chart. When you shut the door of a washing machine, little do you realize that the gasket around the door is oddly wet. The moisture build-up is real in washers. Then there is lint piling on the filter screens. To sum up, washing machines make a perfect home for molds to grow and multiply.

6. Water heaters

Do you keep a bulky water heater out in the open or your living room? Possibly not! Water heaters, although crucial, are usually stacked away in some dark corner of a house. A utility room maybe. We often forget to check for leakages in such places. Water heaters can develop sudden leaks due to regular frays. This causes water to trickle out and dampen the floor and walls around the appliance. By the time you take a note of this horrible damp situation, the damage is done and the molds are flourishing.

Eliminating mold growth is a hard-won job. Addressing the baneful effects of mold growth is a need of the hour. If not, appliances will break down and stop working anytime. Paying for new appliances is a ritzy affair. If the damage is beyond repair, purchasing a new one is your only solution. Repairing the damages is both labor-intensive and expensive. This is where having a home protect warranty comes of good use.

How does a home protect warranty save you?

A home protect warranty doesn’t safeguard your appliances from the awful damages of mold growths. Since fungi grow naturally, you can do very little to put an end to this. A home warranty company guarantees that your home appliances are covered from a financial perspective. The company pays for the expenses of repair and replacement. You can sigh a breath of relief, knowing that you will not be footing any bill whatsoever.

This is not all about a home protect warranty. Do you realize that finding the right technician is hard? With a home protection warranty in place, the company takes care of who is handling the repair job. You are only left with the task of informing the warranty company about the fault in your appliance. The rest is in the hands of the company.

Can a thermostat help curb down mold growth?

There is news doing the rounds that thermostats work effectively in eliminating fungal growths and molds. It is unlikely to be true. The thermostat does a wonderful job of controlling temperatures. What might surprise you to learn is that molds favor temperatures that human beings like. Molds multiply in moist environments. But, it survives through cold temperatures as well.  

Appliance care routine and maintenance tips

Never ignore the importance of cleaning appliances at home. Periodic deep cleaning routines are befitting. In refrigerators, for instance, wipe down every surface that you see. From the bin and the glass surfaces to the shelves and the freezer, clean all parts of the appliance. Use warm water to rinse and wipe the surface down. Keep a light hand when you are cleaning the glass shelves to prevent scratches.  

Residues of soap water are commonly spotted in washing machines. Don’t ignore the detergent dispensers. It might have detergent build-ups too. Clean by running an empty wash cycle. Pop in a cup of bleach or a small quantity of baking soda. It works as an excellent cleaning agent and a disinfectant. Once the cycle is complete, wipe it clean and dry the appliance before shutting the door. If the stink lingers, your washer needs a thorough professional checkup.

Maintain your home appliances and keep them clean more than often. This prevents the growth of awful molds. To step up your appliance protection routine, secure the machines with a home protect warranty.