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Hassle free way to avoid expensive bills for appliance repair

July 15, 2021

If you are a homeowner, you probably have realized that paying for unexpected home appliance repairing costs is a real concern. Having a perfect home protection warranty plan can help you avoid that worry. home protection warranty plan provides your home appliances with budget protection. When any of your home appliances break down, the repairing or replacement cost would be covered by your appliances warranty provider.

A home warranty is a service contract that covers the repairing or replacement cost of many appliances that you use regularly.

When it comes to repairing any of your appliances, without a home appliance warranty plan, you would have to deal with finding the right appliance repairing service to fix your item, followed by an expense of a few hundred to thousand dollars. That’s a costly affair for a majority of homeowners.

From a traditional appliances manufacturing warranty to an extended warranty to a specific home appliance, this article gives you a look at different types of home protection warranty that covers your home appliances.

1.Home Warranty Plan:

Usually, a home warranty plan is purchased when you have an older home but, you can also consider purchasing it when you are moving to a new home with older appliances.

While home warranties cover the costly repairing jobs like plumbing and electrical repairing but they can include your regular home appliances also.

If the seller of your home doesn’t provide a home warranty plan, you should request one. You can directly buy it from a well-known home warranty providing company like ServicePlus Home Warranty.

Most home warranty plans come with a deductible or service fee that you will have to pay when you are availing of their service.

2.Manufacturer‘s Warranty:

A manufacturer’s warranty is crucial when it comes to choosing appliances.

The manufacturer’s agreement of an appliance guarantees that the product will work perfectly for a specific period, usually it is one or two years. If the appliance shows any mechanical issues outside or breaks down due to normal wear and tear during that time, the company will repair or replace the appliance.

Some manufacturer’s warranties are limited to certain parts of an appliance but mostly they are comprehensive.

When it comes to availing of the manufacturer’s warranty, you will need to provide the original receipt of the product to the company. As a general rule, a consumer doesn’t have to pay for the manufacturer’s warranty and the appliance will be replaced or repaired at zero cost.

3.Home Appliance Warranty:

It works pretty much the same way as a manufacturer’s warranty, but you will have to purchase it from the company rather than the manufacturer. A home appliance warranty is purchased once the manufacturer’s warranty ends. Such plans cover all or some parts if an appliance breaks down and furtherly, you won’t have deal with searching a repairing professional as the company will take care of it.

A home appliance warranty plan usually costs almost 15% of the purchasing price of the appliance and comes as a yearly contract.

It is also known as service contracts, appliance protection plans, home maintenance plans, or appliance repair plans.

4.Extended Warranty:

When you purchase an appliance, most of the time, the salesperson will likely offer you an option of an extended warranty. It’s like an extended version of the same manufacturer warranty. It’s covered by the appliance’s manufacturer itself.

It’s not necessary to purchase an extended warranty at the time of purchasing the appliance, rather you can buy it before your manufacturer’s warranty ends.

It’s always recommended to have a protection plan for your expensive home appliances. If you run into any issue with any of your major appliances,  you will be able to save considerable money on repairing your job with a good home protection warranty plan.

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