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Essential Home Appliances Maintenance Tips for You

October 5, 2023

Just put yourself in a situation where you are on a hot summer day and the heat is unbearable and your Air conditioning unit stops working suddenly. It’s a public holiday and you cannot make any immediate appointment with the local technician. Would it be a comfortable situation for you? Of course not! To save yourself from such a mess, it would be perfect to know to avoid such kind of situation.


The truth is that appliances breakdowns are inevitable but still, you can prevent those by following these tips-


Proper cleaning:

It’s really important to keep all your home appliances in spic-and-span condition, especially if you live in a coastal area. Since the majority of your appliances have metallic components, it’s better to fry them offer properly after cleaning the parts.


Routine maintenance:

Just like your car, your home appliances function seamlessly if they are given regular care. If you find difficulties remembering the maintenance job for certain appliances, you can set a reminder online so you won’t be missing the maintenance day.


Know the breaking limit:

If your washing machine comes with a load capacity of 8 kg, don’t go beyond that weight, or else, it would damage the components. Every appliance is manufactured with a specific stress limit. There’s no magic formula for any home appliance that can withstand any situation. If any machine needs a bigger three points plug, make sure you have such an outlet to accommodate that requirement. When you are not sure about how much usage you can squeeze out of any appliance, always try to be on the safer side.


Don’t over-stress on an appliance’s functionality:

If a home appliance is designed to handle 3 tasks, don’t put 4th task on it. Every device is created with a standard set of functionalities and within that limit, devices work optimally. Anything beyond that limit would only hamper the machine’s component(s).


Don’t fix yourself:

Even though if you have a little technical DIY, still it’s better to take professional help for critical appliance issues. Especially, larger appliances like your air conditioner come with multiple components with lots of parts that can malfunction, and trying to fix them yourself would only make things worse.


Have a ServicePlus Home Warranty plan:

To avoid any kind of costly home appliance repair or replacement work, it’s always better to cover your appliances with a good home warranty plan. ServicePlus offers an excellent range of comprehensive home warranty plans that covers almost all your critical home appliances and systems. If any of your covered items wears down, you just have to call the company and they will send out a professional repair executive to your doorstep to inspect and fix or replace the faulty component. In return, you just have to pay a small service fee called the deductible to the repair executive. Usually, the deductible amount ranges between $30 to $60 but you can negotiate the amount at the time of purchasing the plan.


So, now that you know how to avoid appliance breakdowns, it's time to follow the tips mentioned above and enjoy the peace of mind of being a homeowner.

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