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Do Home Warranties Offer All-In-All Coverage?

July 5, 2022

A home warranty plan is a boon for many reasons. New or pre-owned, mechanical systems and appliances in a home do not come with a lifetime guarantee. Sooner or later, home systems will break down and appliances will no longer be functional. Getting the same repaired and restored is a costly affair. A machine degrades with time. Usual wear and tear are obvious. Leaving your faulty home system unattended will spark critical other problems. Therefore, repairing the mechanical system or the appliance is of pressing need. Without a home protection plan in hand, you will be dumbstruck counting the expenses involved. In case the appliance is far from being fixed and replacing it with a new one is the next option, be prepared to spend riches.

However, there’s always a flip side to the coin. You may be of the idea that a home warranty secures most appliances and home systems. Unfortunately, there are a few limitations to home protection coverage plans. Of course, coverage plans and restrictions are different for different companies. To know which home protection plan floats your boat and fits your budget, go through the contract details carefully.

With that said, there is a common list of things that are not ordinarily covered by a home warranty company

Things not covered by a home protection plan

1. Lingering problems of the past - Are you aware of a faulty appliance, sitting on your property for the longest time? Wondering if you could whip up a smart trick and get the same covered under a home protection plan? Sadly, home warranty companies comply with a few mandatory protocols. No warranty covers products that are broken and out of order.

A home inspection is mostly carried out before providing you a quote for a particular home protection plan. You can always go ahead and negotiate with companies to include such faulty items in the package.

2. Upgradation and change of equipment - A home protection plan shields most of the appliances and mechanical systems on your property. In case of a major malfunction where restoring the appliance is out of the question, the home warranty company proceeds with replacement. So yes, you could win hands-on new equipment if the home system cannot be recovered or repaired.

However, if you choose to go ahead and modify your home appliances that are not covered by the protection plan, you will lose all access to any of the services offered by the company. The new item could be of a different size, a distinct brand or simply, the building codes might change. It is imperative to speak to the providing home warranty company and opt for modifications in your existing plan. Failing to do so will not reward you with any coverage.

3. Appliances that are mishandled and inappropriately maintained - Maintenance is key to ensure that your appliances and home systems are perfectly functional. Think about it - will the HVAC system do its job if the filters are not changed periodically? From air conditioners to water heaters, servicing is mandatory. It removes the awful build-up of sediments and helps keep the mechanical systems in their best functional state.

Many home warranty companies highlight the importance of maintaining your home systems and appliances to the T. There are a handful of maintenance guides provided by the companies. Failing to comply with these guides will not reap the desired coverage on your appliances and systems.

4. Secondary damages - A home protection plan caters to the primary issues. For instance, if the dishwasher in your kitchen breaks down, the home warranty will come in handy. However, if the same washer is left unattended and the floors are pretty much warped with water, thereby causing several other damages, the protection plan will offer no coverage.

5. Structural features of a home - None of the home warranty plans offer coverage on structural features like the roof, walls, windows and doors.