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Do Home Appliances Come With A Date Tag?

October 1, 2021

Are you moving into a chic new crashpad? The excitement of walking into a newly remodeled space, accessorized with the best-in-class home appliances and leading-edge home systems is matchless. Can you do without home warranty plans though? Not recommended!

You might have winning DIY skills or you have got your hands on shiny new appliances. The pressing need for home warranty plans cannot be undermined. Figuring the life expectancy of appliances is hard-won. A refrigerator could wear well for as long as 15 years but a dishwasher might give up in less than a decade. If you are not truly aware of what you are slipping into, how could you chalk out a precise budget?

Taking the reigns as a homeowner is not as easy as it sounds. Signing up for home warranty plans is a primary responsibility. Do you spare putting much thought into the newly installed home appliances? Of course, the appliances are expected to function flawlessly. However, relying on mechanics blindly is not ideal. Unfortunately, problems with new appliances are not completely unheard of. Spending a fortune fixing the conked appliances is quite the pocket-pinch. Home warranty plans die down the stress of burning a hole in your wallet, in case the home appliance snaps.

Life expectancy of home appliances

1. The HVAC

It is no secret that the air-conditioning, heating, and ventilation system demands on-time upkeep to function efficiently. The system is intricately designed to last as long as 25 years. However, regular maintenance and polished use can surge the life expectancy of the crucial home system.

2. Ranges

Setting up a kitchen is incomplete without putting a range in place. A gas range is pretty high in the list of essential kitchen items. Luckily, a range serves for long years. Around 15 years and more. Are you shy of instating an electric range? Fretful that the range might conk out sooner than expected? Well, much like the regular gas range, an electric variant lasts for over a decade.

3. Refrigerators

Speaking of indispensable kitchen items, could you forgo setting a refrigerator in place? No! A best-in-standard refrigerator is expected to wear well for as long as 15 years. Much depends on the brand you pick and the maintenance routine you have stuck to.

4. Washing Machines

The average life expectancy of washing machines is mostly a decade. Could the home component function for a longer time though? Certainly! Dwindling the number of cycles the machine runs could spike the longevity of the washer. Some pro tips are:

  • Keeping the filter and trap spic and span
  • Timely maintenance of the washer
  • Running a cycle when it’s a full load.

5. Garbage Disposals

Keeping appliances like garbage disposal optimally functioning is not hard-won. Using the component well and upkeeping the appliance can help the garbage disposal running for longer. Ordinarily, a garbage disposable is fit for use for as many as 10 years.

Do you have a trash compactor plonked instead of a garbage disposal? Sadly, the appliance is pretty short-lived. The lifespan of trash compactors is no more than six years.

6. Dishwashers

Describing the appliance as a boon for homeowners is quite appropriate. Dishwashers save you a great deal of energy and time, otherwise burned to wipe out the dishes. Unfortunately, the appliances are not best-known for their longevity. Proper maintenance and careful use can help you avail a functioning dishwasher for as good as 9-10 years. However, the possibility of dishwashers conking out sooner is way more.

7. Water Heaters

The time-honored gas water heater continues to be installed in newer homes. An electric water heater is a crowd favorite too. Heaters typically serve for a decade and more. But, the leading-edge tankless water heating units last twice as much as the tank-based ones.

Appliances are not inexpensive to be mended. Paying the bills out of your pockets could leave you high and dry financially. Home warranty plans kiss goodbye to the stress of footing the rich bills. Think all home warranty plans are a bang for your buck? Not choosing the right company or a contract to clinch the deal is a bummer. Home warranty plans are only assisting if the coverage on home appliances is expansive. ServicePlus Home Warranty rewards homeowners will multiple home warranty plans to choose from.

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