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Compact Washers & Dryers - Is It A Smart Buy?

August 4, 2022

Lately, the demand for compact washers and dryers has been on a surge. Surely, the appliance is modern and convenient. What makes it a preferred buy though is the ease of setting up the appliance in a small and cramped space. The advantages of buying compact washers and dryers are way too many. Here are a few: 


1. Compressed size - One of the top advantages of a compact washer is the fairly compressed size of the unit. It can easily fit into a small space. Modern apartments are tightly packed. Installing a gigantic washer and dryer could be tricky. Laundry is an inevitable chore too. A compact unit steps in as the best solution. The machine will not pack down your place.


2. Indoor vents - Worried that you are short of space? Standard washers come with fitted outdoor vents. This is certainly not a possibility when you are living in a small-sized urban apartment. Compact washers and dryers are mostly ventless. 


3. Time-efficient - Do you have questions regarding the time to wrap up a full load? Don’t bother! A compact washer and dryer take up the same amount of time to run a complete load, as a standard washer. For heaps of laundry or small numbers, a compressed washing unit uses the same time as a standard one. Of course, the performance differs when compared to the bulky industrial ones. 


There are downsides to a compact washer and dryer too. Let’s look at a few cons: 


1. Cost - Only because an appliance is compact and down-sized, does not necessarily imply that the product comes with a less expensive price tag. The washer and dryer might be priced the same as a standard unit or sometimes higher. 


2. Lack of options - Compact washers are specialty appliances. Unlike a standard machine, there’s not a huge category of options you can pick from when doing your laundry. 


3. Not bleach friendly - When buying a compact dryer and washer, make sure to check that the appliance you pick is not affected by bleach. Many washers available for use today fizzle out when chlorine bleach is used. 


Weigh the upsides and the downsides before you purchase an appliance to ease an everyday laundry hassle. 


Compact or standard, washers, and dryers are pricey buys. Don’t skip securing the appliance with a home warranty service


Why is worthy to invest in a home service plan protection? 


Appliances can malfunction without any warning. Home systems may seize up too. How do you plan to repair and fix the fault without busting your already tight budget? This is where home warranty Philadelphia services come into play. 


Opting for a home service plan keeps your appliances secured and protected. It works like insurance. Doesn’t matter if an appliance breaks down due to everyday wear and tear or due to some technical faults, a home warranty pays for all kinds of damage. Of course, companies inspect the issue first and approve claims on the covered appliances only. 


A home warranty company can save you from burning holes in your wallets.