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Common Plumbing Issues That You Should Be Aware About

October 26, 2023

Your home's plumbing system plays a critical role in your home and family life. From having regular showers to washing clothes, hands, and dishes, you majorly rely on a plumbing system. Unfortunately, your plumbing system is not indestructible as it may wear down due to regular usage. Here, we are going to tell you about the maintenance tips for your plumbing system- 

  1. Find leaks:
    Every time you heat the kitchen, find out if there's any leakage. Ignoring a small leak can cause exponential water waste along with heavy water bill prices. You should also check your dishwasher and garbage disposal as they can also leak. If you experience a decrease in water pressure or a higher water bill amount, your system may leak and in that case, calling a plumbing company could be a perfect idea.

  2. Clear out drains:
    If you notice slow drains in your kitchen, unclog them. A slow drain is a sign of clogging and it won't be cleared on its own. If you keep a clogged drain as it is, it will accumulate more debris and eventually, prevent water from draining.
    When it comes to clearing out the drains, you can do some simple things. To find the blockage, you first need to remove the strainer and peer inside the drain. You can use a drain snake to clear the blockage. Make sure, you are not damaging the old pipes. Be careful about things that go down in your kitchen drain. Food scraps and other greases can cause a clogged drain. Warn your family members to be extra careful and to be cautious about the things that can cause clogs in your drain.
    The best way to prevent larger particles from going down your drain is to use a trainer.

  3. Take care of your garbage disposal:
    You should treat your garbage disposal with proper care. Although garbage disposal comes with sharp blades they can't handle all disposals. Eventually, what goes into your garbage disposal goes into your drain. Just like your sink, you should also watch what goes into your disposal. Garbage disposals can't handle fibrous foods or cement-like textures.

  4. Avoid using drain cleaner:
    Using a drain cleaner is not an ideal solution for clearing a slow drain. Chemical drain cleaners are always harmful to your drain. Regular usage of chemical drain cleaners could damage your pipe. Instead of using a drain cleaner, use a snake or call a professional plumber. With professional help, you can eliminate the blockage and ensure a healthy life for your plumbing system.

  5. Use insulation:
    Winter could be a dangerous time for your plumbing system. With the freezing temperature, if your pipes are not insulated, you could end up with frozen pipes. With the insulation, you won't have to worry about your plumbing system during winter months.

So, you might have realized the importance of taking proper care of your plumbing system during winter. The truth is that managing a faulty plumbing system in chilly winter time could be a menace. Hiring a plumbing company is not an easy job as you need to shortlist one and make an appointment based on their availability. You will also have to pay them from your pocket and a major repair or replacement could be a costly affair. A home warranty plan could be the best solution to overcome such a challenge. ServicePlus Home Warranty offers excellent plans within your budget to protect your home plumbing system throughout the year.