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A Guide to American Standard Manufacturing Warranty

February 2, 2022

American Standard is a very well-known manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures. In this article, we are going to provide you with the details of American Standard’s warranty policies. We will also tell you about the extended warranty policy so that you can protect your plumbing fixtures once your initial warranty is over.

American Standard warranty:

American standard provides warranty coverage for any manufacturing defects, workmanship, and materials. The coverage tenure depends on the appliance or fixture. This company provides five years of warranty on their showers. This includes hand showers, electronic showers. Shower systems, valves, and controls. bathtubs come with a longer coverage for ten years. The textured bathroom surface comes with one year of coverage.

American Standard toilets have more comprehensive coverage. Any chinaware comes with lifetime coverage but the hardware components are covered for 5 to 10 years, depending on the model. The regular toilet seats and electronic components are covered for one year.

The company provides one-year coverage for fixtures, parts, and accessories. Cast iron sinks, conversely come with a lifetime warranty.

There are some conditions that you should know about. The information mentioned above is applicable for residential appliances and fixtures but commercial fixtures come with shorter warranty coverage.

American Standard warranties are applicable for the original users. The lifetime warranty cannot be transferred to another user.

When it comes to claiming a repair, you have to submit proof of purchase.

American Standard extended warranty:

Extended warranties are important as they enable customers to repair their fixtures once the standard one-year warranty is over. The company doesn’t offer any free extended warranty, thus interested customers, have to purchase one.

With the company warranty, you can only cover your American Standard appliances and fixtures, but what about the other appliances and systems in your home? This is exactly where a ServicePlus Home Warranty can come as a great savior as it protects all your crucial appliances, systems and fixtures. If any of your covered items break down due to regular wear and tear, the company will send a professional repairing person to your home to fix or replace the item. If you want to know more about ServicePlus Home Warranty plans, click here.