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7 Crucial Washer Maintenance Tips

August 9, 2021

The washer and dryers have become an inevitable part of modern living. It’s really difficult to manage our regular lives without it.

All it takes is a little maintenance and in return, it will give you years of smooth service. It takes only a few steps to keep your washer and dryer well-maintained and avid the washer and dryer repairing costs.

7 crucial washer  maintenance tips:

There are two types of washers- front loaders and top loaders. The Front-loaders version is a little more expensive but over time it pays for itself as it takes almost two-thirds less water than the top loaders.

Regardless, what kind of model you have, the following tips will help you to ensure the well-maintenance of your washer.

1. Empty the washer of wet cloths:

This is the easiest thing to do for your washer. If you leave the wet clothes in the washer for a longer time, it will create an unpleasant odor and cause building up mold.

2. Check the door:

You should always inspect the front door moisture of your washer. If you leave your washer’s door wet, it will build up mold and mildew over time and prevent the door from closing properly at the time of washing. It is always a better idea to clean the door gasket with a dry cleaning towel and leave the door open for a while so that air can be circulated to clean the remaining moisture.

3. Don’t overload the washer:

An overloaded washer cannot wash clothes properly and at the time, it puts serious stress on your washer. For moist fabric, you should fill the machine loosely.

4. Perform timely maintenance washes:

At least, two to three times a year, run the washer without clothes in it. you should run the hottest cycle using a minimum amount of detergent. This maintenance venture keeps your drains pipes cleaned and free from dirt, grease, and hard-water salt.

5. Make sure the machine is level:

If your machine is not level, it will run out of balance and put a strain on the machine parts and with time, your machine will start malfunctioning. You should adjust and tighten the legs of the machine so that it can be in proper balance.

6. Inspect the hoses properly:

Did you know that a broken water hose can spill gallons of water in your home? To avoid such a calamity, you should inspect your water hoses several times a year. If you find any crack on a hose, unplug your machine and get it repaired immediately, or else, you can replace it with braided or metal hoses as they last for a longer time.

7. Don’t let it rust:

To avoid rusting, fill in gashes and scratches with paint from a local hardware store. You should wash the machine’s outside surface, buttons and control dial.

Last but not the least, it is always better to get your washer and dryer covered by a ServicePlus Home Warranty plan so that it can cover all uncalled repairing and replacement costs of your malfunctioning washer.

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