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5 Tips for AC Repairing and Maintenance

May 19, 2022

Summertime has already arrived and most homeowners are now depending on the air-conditioning system to keep their rooms cool and comfortable. These hottest months can put a serious strain on your air conditioning unit and this can lead to serious trouble if you do not take proper care of your unit. It is really important to be mindful of your air conditioning system and start taking maintenance measures in advance. You should also know about the air conditioning repair near me so that if anything goes wrong with your system you can easily contact them to get it fixed.

In this article, we are going to talk discuss how to address the air-conditioning related problem-

  • Problem 1: Your cooling unit is not getting powered on
  • Problem 2: It is not blowing cool air
  • Problem 3: your air conditioning system is making a loud noise
  • Problem 4: You are paying a high energy bill
  • Problem 5: You have tried all the troubleshooting methods but it’s still not working

Your AC is not getting on:

If your air conditioning unit is not getting powered on, don’t be panicked. Check the batteries of your thermostat and see if they are drained. Another possibility is that your circuit breaker might need to be reset. Check your circuit breaker and reset it once.

Make sure your thermostat is cool. When it comes to testing the thermostat, you should bring the temperature lower than your room temperature.

Your air conditioning system is not blowing cool air:

In the summer months, cool air is a necessity. If your air-conditioning unit is not blowing cool air, there’s a chance that it has a dirty air filter that’s blocking the airflow. The fix is very simple- clean your air filter every month.

Your air-conditioning unit is making a loud noise:

There could be a few reasons behind the loud noise coming from your cooling system. If you hear a banging or thumping sound, this is likely because of an internal motor that should need a professional inspection and fix.

If it’s making a hissing sound, there could a refrigerant leak. Your service repairing contractor should find the leak and get it fixed.

You have been paying high energy bills:

If your energy bills are high, move outside to check the unit. Make sure it is not dirty or covered in debris. Even a small branch or stick inside the outdoor unit may cause your unit to work harder than it requires.

You have tried all the troubleshooting methods but it’s still not working:

You have tried all the troubleshooting methods and if it’s still not working, you should seek professional help. It is best to call out a professional air condition repairing near me and ask them to come to your home to inspect the issue and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners in the US still experience a hard time in such a situation. Finding a good service technician is not an easy job as you have to do some prior research before calling any service professional. It’s a costly affair also as not only do you have to change the faulty component of your air conditioning system but you also have to pay the servicing professional. So, make sure that you keep a dedicated fund ready for handling such a situation that can just happen from malfunctioning your one system only- the air-conditioning unit. This is exactly where a home warranty plan can be a great help for you.

Now you might be wondering to know what a home warranty plan is-

Home warranty plan:

A home warranty plan is an annual service contract between you (homeowner) and the service provider (home warranty company). The contract covers the repairing or replacement costs of your major home appliances and systems. The best part of having a home warranty plan is that you can cover multiple systems and applications under it. For example, depending upon your plan, apart from your AC, you can also cover your refrigerator, and micro-oven under it.

If anything goes wrong with any of your covered items due to regular wear and tear, you just have to file a service claim to your home warranty company and they will send out a registered service professional to your home to inspect the problem. Based on the inspection, the service professional will repair or replace the faulty component of your malfunctioning system or appliance. It’s that simple. 

So, now you might have realized the reason why it is always better to protect your key home appliances and systems with the best home warranty company in the US – ServicePlus Home Warranty.