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5 Must-Have Home Repair Tools

July 8, 2021

Your home is an investment, pure and simple. To ensure your investment remains stalwart and secure, you need to maintain the premises occasionally. A tool chest is another investment worth your time and money. A small box can easily be kept in the shed or garage without taking too much space. Inside, you should have a selection of tools to make life easier. These five tools are must-haves in any home.

Screwdriver Set

A simple screwdriver set is easily the best investment you’ll make when it comes to home repair tools. You can purchase a 10-piece set for under $15 from most home improvement stores. This set can help you tighten screws, replace fixtures, and even crack open lids.


While you cannot leave a sledgehammer in the tool box, you can lean it against the wall of your garage. There is something about the power and finesse of a sledgehammer – especially when it comes to extensive repair or improvement jobs. An 8- or 10-pound sledgehammer is all you need to put up a fence or break stone.

Tape Measure

A tape measure is so simple, yet often overlooked. You can keep one in your pocket during renovations, measuring the thickness of lumber and the area of your wall for painting projects. You can buy one for under $5, in most cases.


An everyday hammer is as useful as tools come. A 16-ounce claw hammer offers versatility to drive nails into walls or remove bent nails from old wood. Most models are nearly unbreakable these days, which means a long-lasting investment.


A set of pliers from the hardware store may seem costly, but the uses are worth the cost. You can bend power cord plugs, replace showerheads, slice wiring, or grip a drain pipe with ease.