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5 Effective Ways To Cut Down Air-Conditioning Bills And Breakdowns

July 15, 2021

Did you know that an air-conditioning system accounts for a swanky 6% of your energy bills? Collectively, it accounts for a few thousand dollars every year. Bearing the blazing hot summers is very difficult without a fully functional air conditioning system. The increasing energy costs are certainly a worry. However, maintaining the AC unit and ensuring that it runs smoothly is more important than ever.

Overload issues and faults in AC units are very common. Purchasing new units every few years is expensive and unnecessary. Repairing the machine is a costly service too. Periodic maintenance of a cooling system is pricey. Thinking of putting a hold on the maintenance of the cooling units? Not a good idea for sure! It could pave the way for more damages and higher repair bills in the future. Little did you know that not maintaining your AC can lessen the efficiency of the unit and scale up energy consumption. Instead of giving a rain check, secure the air-conditioning system using a homeprotect warranty.

home warranty puts an end to your stress. You don’t have to worry about paying anything extra to get your AC restored if broken. Why only repair? If the AC is pretty much ruined and beyond restoration, home warranty plans offer a replacement at no extra cost.

Executing a few diligent home-maintenance routines can help you maintain the air-conditioning unit in a good shape. Let’s look at a few tips.

Ways to keep up the efficiency of a cooling unit

1. vacuum clean the AC unit

It is no surprise that keeping a machine clean is pivotal. Air conditioners are no different. Use vacuum to clean off the fins of your cooling unit. Also remember, most parts of the machine are fragile. Clean the outdoor unit and the fins with care. Always read the manual to ensure that you are opening your unit in the right way.

2. Pair air conditioners with a programmable thermostat

If you are not aware, programmable thermostats are a need of the hour. The small gadget helps you in setting up temperatures throughout the different hours of the day. The hassle of cranking up the temperature when it's super hot and changing it as and when required is irritating. Also, you will be fluttering with the dial way too much. Programming a thermostat is easier done than thought. It effectively manages the AC unit and keeps a check on the energy consumption.

3. Fix leaky duct

Leaky ducts can cause more damage than expected. Go ahead and insulate the ducts. It works effectively in keeping the air cool.

4. Ensure that the drain tube is not clogged

If you can spot puddles of water around the AC unit, do not ignore them. It is a sign that the drain tube is clogged. Condensation can impact the coils in an air-conditioning unit. Slime, gunk, and bacteria can sprout up and clog the drain tube. It is crucial to unclog the tube right away.

5. Change the filter

A dirty filter hinders the process of cooling. You can pull out the filter and keep it clean from dust and dirt. Replacing the filter with a new one is ideal if the dirt buildup is way more than normal.

Maintaining the AC unit helps it function well. The cost of repairing broken units is scary. A home protect warranty safeguards the cooling unit and keeps your budget in check, in case mending works are needed. Always make sure, you request home warranty quotes before you buy a worthy plan.