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5 Critical Things that You Should Consider Before Choosing A Home Warranty Company

December 8, 2021

So, the heating system at your place crash and comes to a grinding halt in the freezing days of winter. Can you choose to ignore and succumb to the chills? Maybe not! You will mostly opt to get the same repaired or replace it with a brand new one. Either way, it calls for a hefty investment. Little did you know, a home protection plan can save you hundreds of dollars.

Is the concept of home protection and warranty not clear enough? Think home insurance has got you covered? Well sadly, it is time for a reality check.

Insurance Vs Home Protection

Insurance safeguards your property against catastrophic events like a natural disaster, robbery, fire, and criminal activities. A home protection plan though offers coverage for the small components in your home. From appliances to major household systems like plumbing, electrical, and others, a home protection plan safeguards it all.

Is a home protection plan a need of the hour?

Before looking into an answer, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Are you planning to remodel your property anytime in the future?
  2. Are you diligent with periodic home maintenance?
  3. How secure are your finances? Can you afford spending riches to get the household appliances and systems fixed?

If the answer to all of the above Q’s is a big ‘No,’ a home warranty plan is your best bet. The service contract ensures that all repair works and replacements, big or small, are paid for by the providing company 

Should you clinch a deal with any company offering home protection plans?

In matters of money, it is never advisable to shoot in the dark. The whole idea of investing in a comprehensive home protection plan is to keep you away from shelling out a fat cheque to cover the expenses of repair and replacement. Machines, regardless of how cutting-edge it is are prone to breakdown at some point in time. Paying for the repairs can burn a big dent in your wallet. Buying a new one is also going to cost you riches. A home protection plan will keep you steer clear of such financial odds.

It is very easy for companies to lure people with their big, enticing advertisements. Don’t fall for the trap and vouch for a plan that promises you a world of wonders. Be smart and put in some extra effort in learning more about the company you are interested in to trust your money with. Anything too good is dubious.

Let’s make things simpler for you to understand. Here’s a quick checklist you must always adhere to before choosing a company for your home protection plan.

Look into the service fees or charges

Is it worth paying a hefty amount of service fees? Scheduling routine maintenance or calling to get an appliance repaired should be easy and pocket-friendly. That’s the purpose of investing in a service contract or a home protection plan. If a company asks for a swanky fee, ditch the idea of investing in any of the home warranty plans the company endorses.

The limits on your coverage

Repairing or replacing appliances is a pricey affair and it differs with products. Always check whether your plan has coverage limits or not. Does the company pay for the entire expense of a repair or is it just a portion of the expenses you are eligible to claim? Also, does your home protection plan offer coverage for all brands or a few in particular? Once you get a hang of these facts, you can think clearly and bet your money on the right plan.

Prompt professional service

Calling professionals should be hassle-free. Remember, you are paying to get prompt assistance in unfortunate circumstances.

Option to upgrade coverage

With time, the number of appliances you own will multiply. Your home protection plan must come with the flexibility to upgrade according to your needs. 

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