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4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Your Home Safer

July 6, 2021

Whether you’re preparing for a long vacation or simply want to sleep better at night, improving the safety of one’s home is a vital task worth undertaking. The majority of break-ins occur when a family steps out for a week-long trip to the beach. For the most part, these families tend to forego locking the doors or checking all the windows completely. Do not give an intruder the pleasure of an easy home. Improve the safety of your environment today!

Remove Large Bushes

Large bushes surrounding home – specifically near the windows – offer excellent concealment from street-view. Intruders view such bushes as a unique opportunity. They can take their time, pop open a window, and creep inside.

By removing the bushes, you prevent potential hiding spots for thieves.

Improve Outdoor Lighting

If you have a large yard, outdoor lighting is a must. Some homeowners choose to install motion detection devices that pop on a series of lights during the night. Other homeowners, however, opt for a simple floodlight over the garage – pointed directly at the main walkways.

Improve Door Locks

Most of us don’t consider the locks on our doors until something goes wrong. We simply pop a key in and walk through the entryway. Every so often, however, it’s important to check your locks for signs of wear and tear or damage. If you notice any such signs, improve the locks with a new model.

Repair Window Panes

While many thieves will try to enter a home quietly, some will use a cracked window pane as a makeshift entryway. By removing cracked and broken window panes, you secure your home against would-be intruders.